Published On: Thu, Sep 28th, 2017

Latest Puerto Rico Relief Update & A Call To Action In NYC



Latest updates on Puerto Rico

Source: NYC – PR Coalition.

Update for folks in Puerto Rico- we already have folks in Loiza – but here is some new info
* If you can drive a truck and have one, call 469-401-9603 and respond to the text you receive in return.
1.) Jones Act is temporarily lifted.

2.) PR Tourism Director indicates that most local hotels are lodging military and federal government personnel supporting relief efforts and that during next 90 days, PR will be fully immersed in the reconstruction and recovery process, and thus, not ready to receive extra tourists.

3.) Claro informed that by 2pm eastern time yesterday, their mobile network was reaching 18 municipalities in the metro area and the rest of the island. These include #SanJuan #Guaynabo #Bayamon #Carolina and the remaining 20% in #Aguada#Manati #Mayaguez,#SanGerman#CaboRojo#TrujilloAlto#Dorado#Camuy#Quebradillas#Humacao#Juncos#Caguas#Aguadilla and #ToaBaja.

4.) A big part of the Mayaguez Urban Center in Mayaguez is being energized by the hydro-gas plant in front of the municipalities port – it is installed underground.

5.) Nearly 1.3k soldiers are working on different emergency work efforts. This amount should increase as they continue to report to work after assisting their families or can exit inaccesible areas.

6.) The Housing Administration Secretary confirmed there are currently 11,300 people and 120 pets in 180 shelters. .

7.) Flights continue to be limited given a malfunction/damage in one of the long reach satellites which provides traffic air info to the control tower in Luis Munoz Marin Airport, which is what is maintaining a strict limitation of a maximum of 10 flights per day in this facility.

8.)TransCita confirmed they are operating and providing services to their dialisis patients.

9.) Ikebana San Patricio is open today and serving their regular menu from 12pm-6pm.

10.)EC Waste informed they have reopened their waste management services to all commercial and industrial clients, as well as residential clients in Caguas and Humacao. They also informed that landfill servies such as Coqui Landfill in Humacao and Penuelas Valley Landfill are operating.

11.) DACO requests to allow emergency personnel and people in need to access gas stations in a prioritized way.

12.) Gas:
Shell: 108 stations out of 172 operating (62%) of functionality. The company is covering the entire island except the center portion.
-Ecomaxx: 60 out of 90.
-Total: 102 out of 205 (primarily metro and east side)
– Puma: 110 out of 340. These cover from Fajardo (East) to Isabela (west) and Southern area.
-Gulf: 70 out of 180 servicing the island.

13.) Social Security Administration has paid to their direct deposit to their retirees and other beneficiaries, without interruption.

14.)Red Cross is seeking a facility to be used as their Operations Center as their facility suffered damages and they’re currently operating from Marriott Hotel in Miramar. They’re seeking for a space that can fit 250 people in the metro area as well as looking for spaced in Arecibo, Aguadilla, Mayaquez, Ponce, Utuado, Ceiba and Guayama.

15.)Supermax Supermarket Stores is operating today and tomorrow on a special schedule of 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on the following stores: De Diego en Condado, Plaza Guaynabo, Dorado, Trujillo Alto, Bayamón Gardens, Magnolia Gardens, Cidra, Vega Baja, Laguna Gardens, Caguas, San Francisco y Viejo San Juan.

16.)The government authorized schools with potable water service to be used as oasis for their respective communities.

17.) Mayagüez Resort, Holiday Inn y Howard Johnson in Mayaguez are currently operating.

18.) Secretary of Education, Julia Keleher, There’s no date set for the restart of classes. It could take a month or less. In each shelter there will be a dispatch of food for 100 people for a period of 5 days. Where there are more than 100 people, order will be duplicated.

19.) AEE is seeking to start providing some electric service in critical areas of Rincon.

20.)Touchpoint has been made between the Central Government and the 78 municipalities.

21.) San Patricio Plaza currently operating its food court.

22.) Evertec reestablished their lines to be able to offer ATM transactions.

23.) Government employees reinitiate labor tomorrow.

24.) 40% of water service reestablished..

25.) Freight Transporters for refrigerated food, gas and others, please call 469-401-9603.

26.) All Mandy’s BBQ open and accepting card payment.

27.) #Penuelas: no death or critical condition caused by hurricane. Bridges have not receded informed the mayor to Radio Isla.

28.) #Yauco#Ponce#SanGermán y #Moca have private hospitals working.

29.) Flash flood warnings continue in place for some municipalities of the west side, as informed by the National Weather Service.

30.) Plaza las Americas shopping Center closed until further notice while repairs are made and conditions are safe for employees and visitors.

31.) DACO Secretary informing that there are over 200 trucks with gas dispatch on a daily basis.

32.) 800 tourists are stranded in Luis Munoz Marin International Airport.

Latest Puerto Rico Relief Update & A Call To Action In NYC