Published On: Sat, May 24th, 2008

Unsung Souls: 1Soul Designs


Sofrito For Your Soul is proud to feature “1Soul Designs” as an Unsung Soul recipient…(lol I said “soul” 3x in one sentence…I just realized after I wrote that…thats a whole lot of “soul”). 1Soul has been relentless in spreading their progressive message of provoking thought and change through art. They have personally inspired me to push harder in my pursuit of success both personally and professionally. Please take a moment to visit their site and find out what they are up to.

Buen Provecho!

1soul_borish Now, If you ever learn anything about me…know that I grew up in NYC around the time of the birth of Hip Hop. Know that I experimented with different elements of Hip Hop like Graffitti and Breakdancing. Know that I love to see street art transformed into fashion and that it reminds me of the good old days (yes the 80’s when Hip Hop was pure). That said…a few years ago, I was at the PR Festival and saw this hot shirt with a scene of El Morro on it. I ran up on the guy wearing it and asked him where he got the shirt (keep in mind, it stood out because every one is wearing PR Flag). The guy told me it was from a designer called Willie Esco, and so it began, I went nuts buying every single stich of Willie Esco I could find until like a year later they dissapeared without a trace. (PS…Does anyone know what happenned to Willie Esco?).

(photo credit: art by Borish from Trust Your Struggle)

300A year later, I started visting some of the same stores I used to buy Esco Gear at…and saw Ecko…and said “this is hot” and I rode with them for a while until I heard it was alleged that they lifted a design from one of my favorite NYC artists Santiago. Knowing that the worst offense that a graffitti writer could be accused of is “being a biter” I chose to stop buying Ecko and could not really find anything impressive in the market to replace that “Graf” look. That is until my partner Papo Swiggity and I started Capicu Poetry in Brooklyn and Papo invited a young Brooklyn designer named Randy Quiles (one third of the 1Soul founders) to showcase their work at the Pa’l Pueblo Charity fundraiser. Randy donated his “Power of Word” design to help raise money for the kids of the United Headstart of Bushwick. It was greatly appreciated and I was personally drawn to their work because the powerful designs that mix statements that provoke thought and curiosity about real issues affecting our communities. This company has proven that a company can be successful and socially concious.

1soul As described on their website “1SOUL is a grassroots Brooklyn based independent clothing company developed with the goals of inspiring, educating and stimulating the public to provoke change through culture, spirit, thought and political awareness. We are dedicated to the art of uplifting the consumers mind. We are tired of being prisoners of the commercialized fashion realm; we are always struggling to bring back “the message” in our designs.

1soul3 1 SOUL was established February of 2004 fusing many styles. From Urban hip-hop to punk rock eclectics, mixed with the 70’s soul movement, its goal is to bring to the fashion world a different genre of style. A style where substance establishes over the commercial norm. Like its birthplace BROOKLYN, NY its is a melting pot of self expression. 1 SOUL bridges the gap between artist and fashionistas. Here to educate and inspire, every design comes with upliftment.

Our Designs are created with meaning, a meaning that is unique to the wearer. Considered art pieces within themselves, there is poetry in the designs, activism in each piece and there is a revolution in our craft. 1 soul brings to you liberation. Don’t let the movement pass you by…

I say all that to say…this is one of the most impacting organizations that I have encountered that really succeed not because they stand apart from many fashion designers…but because they have developed initiatives that inspire young people to develop their craft and build the entreprenurial skills needed in the changing fashion industry. Needless to say…I will be rocking 1Soul…my new favorite Hip Hop fashion line!

Check out this video featuring 1Soul on LatiNation

Support them knowing that you are supporting the community!

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

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Unsung Souls: 1Soul Designs