Published On: Sat, Jun 2nd, 2012

The Red Grasshopper… aka El Chapulin Colorado To Go Mainstream?

The time I spent in Puerto Rico was awesome in terms of TV… some of my favorite shows included El Chavo Del Ocho and El Chapulin Colorado. I recently realized that most of the TV I watched during that time was Mexican (shout out to the Mexican clown Cepillín who used to play all my favorite cartoons).

Lately on the web I have seen a resurgence of popularity of El Chapulin with lines of t-shirts, dvd collections and lately custom made action figures. I found a great video of El Chapulin joining the justice league… which I found as of a result of finding a really cool Avengers photo with El Chapulin as the centerpiece.

I wonder what more is out there… please send me all your funny Chapulin Photos to so I can create an album on our Facebook page and share it with our readers. I want to see El Chapulin go mainstream!!!!

I also included some cool links below if you want to buy any Chapulin mechandise.


George Torres
El Jibaro Colorado … follow me @urbanjibaro  on twitter.
Here is the video…

El Chapulín Colorado (Spanish: The Red Grasshopper) is a television series, created and played by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, also known asChespirito, a successful Mexican comedian and TV show producer, which parodied superhero shows. It was first aired in Mexico by Canal de las Estrellas in 1970, but then was aired across Latin America and Spain until 1981, alongside El Chavo, which shared the same cast of actors. Both shows are incredibly enduring as they still are constantly re-run, and have won back some of their popularity in several countries such as Colombia, where it has aired in competition with The Simpsons (which has a character based on him). The name translates literally in English as “The Red Grasshopper” (the word chapulín is of Nahuatl or Aztec origin, and a current part of Mexican Spanish). It is also known in Brazil as “Vermelhinho” (“Little Red”) and “Polegar Vermelho” (“Red Thumb”) in allusion to the famous fairy tale character Tom Thumb.

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The Red Grasshopper… aka El Chapulin Colorado To Go Mainstream?