Published On: Mon, Dec 1st, 2008

The day after Pa’l Pueblo II …hang out with us and check out Room 28.


Ever wonder what would In Living Color be like if the Wayans were Latino? Or what would have become of House of Buggin…had FOX TV not turned into MAD TV…well I have seen what it looks like…like a bunch of crazy Latinos in ROOM 28. If you heard Radio Capicu…then you may have heard me talk about this group before…we have worked with several of it's members on previous projects but what they have going on uptown is serious…seriously funny.

Here is an exerpt from their site…

"There is a saying in the Dominican Republic that when someone is insane they belong in "el cuarto veinte y ocho" (room 28); a reference to the asylum located at the 28th milepost between the cities of Santiago and Santo Domingo. Here in the United States when you refer to Room 28, you are being reminded of a similarly insane group of people, but this time around they are comedic actors who are quickly taking the world of sketch comedy by storm. Since the early summer of 2007, this bizarre (in a good way!) group has brought laughter and bladder problems to thousands of viewers via filmed skits broadcasted on various Internet outlets. Highlighting anything from breakups to inventive ways of using ketchup, Room 28 finds humor in any feasible situation. And the humor is contagious. Everyone is now asking, "Who are these nuts called Room 28?" and more importantly, "How can I see more of them?" Well, the answer is simple; look through our Myspace and check out our website: But, we must warn you; we are not responsible for the loss of breath or stomachaches our comedy provokes.

Watch at your own risk!"

Join the Capicu Playas and The Sofrito Staff at The Pregunta Cafe as we take the night off after the Pa'l Pueblo Charity Event…and see these dudes get their chistes on!

see you there…

as I am,

The Urban Jibaro


The day after Pa’l Pueblo II …hang out with us and check out Room 28.