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Register Now! The New School of Poetic Arts Secures Community Sponsorships Across NYC For Fall 2014

sopasponsors2Brooklyn, NYC. Sept. 8th, 2014—  After a very successful first semester at Boricua College in the neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn which recognized 13 inaugural students, The School of Poetic Arts has secured community partnerships with a number of important cultural arts entities that host Open Mics, literary events, arts showcases, mentorships and community outreach for causes in the area. Taken together,these entities along with the Capicu Culture poetry and arts movement have collectively captured some of the biggest new literary and performing talents that New York City has seen in this decade. Also for the first time, we’ve received support from Poets & Writers, the nation’s largest nonprofit literary organization serving poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers.

Historical background:  The aim of La Sopa is to not only teach the skill building aspects of writing, editing, and presentation of poetry, but also to offer an understanding of the broader social, political and cultural context in which urban writers flourished. The current incarnation of the program included ‘Dean’ Juan PaPo Santiago- award winning community builder and Creative Director of Capicu Culture, along with Coach Keith Roach Author, SlamMaster Emeritus at Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Rich Villar Author, Educator and Director of Acentos Poetry, and Manager George ‘Urban Jibaro’ Torres award winning arts community builder and cofounder of Capicu Culture.

Our current offerings include a Performance (Oral Tradition) Poetry Workshop, facilitated by Author/ Slam Coach Emeritus Keith Roach at 10 AM, and a Writers Workshop, facilitated by author/educator Rich Villar at 12 PM. Course descriptions in the flyer and Registration links below.

Workshops will run on Saturdays for 6 weeks between October 11th and Saturday November 15th at Boricua College’s original campus, 9 Graham Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.  Cost of workshops are $100 for each 6-week course, with a discounted cost of $150 if you take both workshops. 

Director and poet Juan PaPo Santiago says of the program: “It was never solely to be just a “Capicu thing”.  We wanted to empower all of the writers across the city by offering workshops that were the level of a BFA or MFA Creative Writing workshop, but for a fraction of the cost to be accessible to the whole community.  We needed a focus on the voice of urban writers, immigrant writers,  writers of color, whom are often marginalized and underrepresented in the American literary canon but have just as much a right to be included in the American national conversation. We want to find ways to make it a win/win situation for venues or series’s as curators of talent, and La Sopa as shapers of talent. I read once where JFK said a rising tide lifts all boats. Makes sense for what we are doing here.”

Contributing poet Jani Rose had this to say: “This thing we do, the creation of art from experience, the desire to understand and translate the most confounding aspects of the human experience; We’re relentless about it. Be they new poets who sit quietly scribbling into notebooks or seasoned poets who have shouted from the depths of their souls to enlighten the multitudes, there is a place for everyone at La Sopa. There is a code amongst us, the storytellers and truth seekers. It’s written between the lines. There is passion in these moments of creation and sharing that are akin to the creation of life. There is nothing more profound than watching those sparks of light come together. We are a community, a family here at La Sopa, and look forward to inviting those who seek their truth and a greater connection through the mastery of the poetic crafts.”

This event was funded in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. through Public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature.


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A note about Community Sponsorships:

The way that we have done this is unprecedented. Each of the entities below are powered by people that respect the arts and understand what it takes to become a successful model of arts empowerment. We are absolutely honored by their agreement to become, historically, part of La Sopa through this educational arts initiative. We hope to develop even stronger bonds in the seasons to come as all of our writers and artists begin to see each other as one community and we look forward to finding ways to strengthen the idea of becoming resources for one another… this is not about competition, it is about collaboration.




Confirmed Community Sponsorships include (in alphabetical order):



Acentos is a grassroots project advocating for the Latino/a voice in American letters through the discussion, development, performance, and publication of literature by Latino/a authors. For more information, to read the work of other Latino/a writers, and to submit your work for publication, visit our literary journal at



ELKAT Productions is an Artist Production Company, founded by El David, a seasoned musician, music producer, vocalist, spoken word artist, visual artist, and community advocate; and Katalina, a musician, attorney, and community advocate. They have created a unique platform for artists and musicians to create their vision and share their message to OUR community. Find out about their Smokin’ Word & Drum Open Mic Series, held monthly  in the Bronx at El Fogon Center of the Arts, here! The next event  is on Saturday, September 27th–featuring the multi-talented Maria Rodriguez author of “Brooklyn’s Daughter” and writer/co-producer of critically acclaimed, “Soledad Speaks”

To register for workshops and support  ElKats community sponsorship, register here.  


waWendy Angulo Productions, an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts in the borough of Queens through collaborative events among established artists and emerging artists, as showcased through collaboration with RoblesWrites for their new Open Mic at Katarina Bar & Grill, and their annual Canvas of Words Art and Poetry Festival which will take place on Saturday, October 11th. Info and tickets here!  

To register for workshops and support Wendy Angulo Productions community sponsorship, register here.  


1410194665713Word@4F series, founded in 2012 as a traveling open mic whose intention is to continue to cultivate poetry and a literary community in uptown New York City and abroad. Word@4F will host the first Poetry Slam in Washington Heights beginning Wednesday, September 17th at 7PM @ Apt78 and every other Wednesday, including other locations. More Information here!  

To register for workshops and support  Word@4F’s community sponsorship, register here.  



Xmental is a coalition of community organizers, artists, and teachers committed to mentoring and educating urban youth. We are an organization devoted to creating a safe space for our youth to practice creative self-expression and develop positive mindsets, self confidence, and self awareness. Using the elements of hip hop (graffiti, break dancing, djaying, mc’ing) we create opportunities for at-risk youth to showcase their work and engage with their communities in a positive manner. Find out moreabout their upcoming events and projects here!

To register for workshops and support Xmentals community sponsorship, register here.  

We would like to thank all of our community partners for supporting this new educational arts initiative!

There are more interested organizations coming on board. If you are a cultural arts organization or Open Mic in the area and are interested in sponsoring La Sopa, reach out to us at

This information will continue to be updated at Community Sponsorships come in…

stay tuned!


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Register Now! The New School of Poetic Arts Secures Community Sponsorships Across NYC For Fall 2014