Published On: Sun, Feb 10th, 2013

Simple Ways To Take Charge of Your Health By Dra. Aliza


As Valentine’s Day approaches, the goals that many women set just last month are already long forgotten. A new WebMD survey revealed that 53% of Hispanic women make a health-inspired resolution at the beginning of each year, but more than 40% of all women dropping their goals by Valentine’s Day. In fact, of those surveyed, only 14% of women were successful in maintaining their annual goals for a full year.

“Many women establish goals that are overly ambitious and require major changes in behavior,” said health coach and practicing physician Dra. Aliza. “Actually, women can start taking charge of their health with just a few small tweaks in their lifestyle.” In fact, an overwhelming 81% of women said the most motivating way to stay on course would be to follow small, achievable tips and advice that would make a measurable impact on their health.

Our optimism is not the problem.  At issue is making resolutions that are too lofty.  Shifting our behavior in small, attainable ways will help improve our overall health and wellness.  Even climbing a mountain takes one step at a time. I have a few simple suggestions to follow that are easy – and more importantly –achievable to help you become a healthier you:


o   Disconnect – We’ve been told this before, but are we doing it? Put down the smartphone, the MP3 player and the TV remote.  Disconnect and spend some time reading or taking a walk in the local park. Try to get in 90 minutes of technology-free time every day.

o   See the Doctor – Many of us only go to the doctor when we aren’t feeling well (if then.) It’s important to schedule a doctor’s visit when you are feeling fine to get in your annual physical and check up. If you don’t have insurance or a regular doctor, there are free clinics nationwide, many of which are open on weekends so you don’t have to take off from work.

o   Open Up!  – A surprising 28% of women who participated in the WebMD survey reported that taking care of their teeth or improving general oral health was a New Year’s resolution. This is great news, since proper oral health can help improve overall health and selecting the best oral care products helps. Colgate Total® is the only toothpaste approved by the FDA and accepted by the American Dental Association to help prevent gingivitis, the most common form of gum disease.

o   Dance  You’re probably already doing it, so just dance more! It’s a great way to get in shape and burn calories. Salsa, zumba, ballroom—the choice is yours!

o   Get Some Shut Eye – Be sure to clock between 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  You should feel more alert and won’t rely on snacking or caffeine to keep you awake throughout the day.  Need help drifting off to dreamland?  Make your bedroom your sleep haven.  Turn on some soothing music and decrease caffeine intake near bedtime.


You can find more information and inspiration at or on Twitter at @ColgateSmile. And remember, You Can Do It!


Simple Ways To Take Charge of Your Health By Dra. Aliza