Published On: Sat, Dec 11th, 2021

Sights & Sounds of Heritage: Bomba!

“The book of our struggles is actually not a book at all, it is a musical genre that tells a story in the oral traditions to a beat gifted to us by the ancestors. The dance that accompanies this rhythm tell stories that words simply cannot. To see and hear a performance is akin to being a student in the masterclass of our heritage. It’s time we begin an intergenerational conversation about our heritage” – George Torres

Mi gente… I am proud to partner with AARP in NYC, Orlando & Puerto Rico to help raise awareness about this beautiful experience that they have curated to showcase our heritage this holiday season.

So let’s gather our family and friends to learn about a musical genre that emerged 400 years ago!

Join AARP FL, NY, PR, and attendees from across the U.S. and the island to learn more about Bomba, traditional dance, and musical art expression based on Puerto Rican heritage and African roots.  

Through the lens of Bomba, we’ll hear from practitioners and artists on the mainland and in the diaspora. Interviews and footage will capture the impactful history, lived experiences, rhythms, movements, instrumentation, and song of this cultural and spiritual art form.

We will also showcase the stewardship of Bomba, a tradition through dedicated multigenerational commitment within families and communities in New York City, Orlando, and Puerto Rico — mapping out the presence of this centenary art and culture form in the Americas.

This program features BombaYo!, Pablo Rivera from Afro Legado & Barbara Liz Cepeda from Escuela de Bomba y Plena Tato Cepeda.

Celebrate Bomba and meet the communities in New York City, Orlando, and Puerto Rico dedicated to keeping the culture alive for future generations.

Join @cafeconlecheAARP, @AARPNY, @AARPPuertoRico this Thursday, Dec 16 at 5 PM ET/ 2 PM PT to explore the deep history and artistic expression of Bomba.

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Sights & Sounds of Heritage: Bomba!