Published On: Tue, Oct 16th, 2012

Resource: How To Join a Twitter Party Without Using Twitter

Some of the most influential Latinos on the web will be hosting Twitter (chat) Parties on the web to raise awareness about very important causes.

These causes include Diabetes (#PorTuFamilia) Mentorship (#LatinoBigs), Health (#SpinaBifida) and Education (#NewFuturo)

We are very proud to be participating in all 3… in one day… but one of the questions that has come up with Facebook users is…

How can I join if I do not have Twitter?

Now you cannot join and engage in a twitter party if you do not already use  Twitter BUT if you are really interested in a twitter party topic and need the resources that the organizers are sure to share this quick tip will get you on your way. (note: some twitter parties give away really cool prizes… so consider starting an account)

But we do know that we cannot convince everyone to join Twitter… so if you still want to follow a topic but do not want to invest the time to learning Twitter, You will need the following;

  • Date and time of the Twitter party that you are interested in following.
  • The hashtag for the event, this is usually tied to the topic or sponsoring organization – (For example #LatinoBigs)
  • Log in to a website like Tweet Chat (
  • Input the Hashtag on the top of the page, this will isolate the twitter topic that you are interested in.
  • Follow the conversation specific to the topic of the Twitter party you want to attend.
As you read the live transcript, feel free to cut and paste tweets that have resources that may interest you.
Last but not least… JOIN TWITTER… so that you can connect and engage with people that tweet about topics you care about!


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Resource: How To Join a Twitter Party Without Using Twitter