Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2013

Poem: Divine Feminine by Lynx Garcia


Divine Feminine

I am joy
I am pain
I am sunshine.
I am a hurricane.

I am sensual and free to be me
I am divine ….femininity

I create, I nuture and I heal
I am regal, I am loyal
I love, I laugh, I cry and I feel

I am curvacious wonderous softness
and I am real
A ripened nectarine
to caress, to devour… peel

Sacred in my nakedness
Open with my desires
Revelation of my spirit
I am passion, I am fire

I am water, sky and earth
I am universe

I am weakness
I am strength
I am comfort and affection

I hope that you feel each line
I hope that you have paid attention

For I am made by The Most High’s glorious perfection to be loved, honored and respected ..

and I AM YOUR REFLECTION! ~Lynx Garcia

Poem: Divine Feminine by Lynx Garcia