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P.R.I.D.A. Steps In To Preserve Puerto Rican Arts & Culture!

969529_10200581734420139_1816614566_nAre YOU Puerto Rican Artist or a lover of the Boricua Arts Scene?

If so I want to let you know about an organization tirelessly fighting to preserve the culture of Artesania in our communities. Members of Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts, a project of Comité Noviembre can be seen at most of the major Latino cultural events in NYC like the Loisaida and 116th Festivals raising awareness about our artistic legacy. In addition to displaying beautiful woodwork, sculptures and paintings, they make them available (at very reasonable prices I might add). Best of all, you get the unique experience of chatting with the artist about the piece you are buying and getting the back story.


Olga Ayala – Hecho A Mano

I have personally met and supported artists I have met throughout the years in places like Cemi Underground, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, El Museo Del Barrio and various street festivals. I have had the opportunity to commission work and curate shows for them thru our CAPICU CULTURE project. I am very happy to see a progressive collective of artists band together to make sure our legacy is not reduced to a single parade that does not really reflect the depth of beauty our artists have contributed to the diaspora.

I urge you to learn more about P.R.I.D.A and find out how you can help this organization grow.



PRIDA, Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts, is an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Puerto Rican arts and culture.

  • PRIDA is a project of Comite Noviembre (more about CN below) and fulfills CN’s charge to promote, acknowledge, create awareness and take ownership of our rich culture, language and history.
  • PRIDA will advocate that funding for the arts includes and is distributed to the artists and organizations in our community.
  • PRIDA will develop a database of funders that offer our members opportunities to apply for funding that will support the realization of their projects.
  • PRIDA will establish a working relationship with government and corporate sponsors and pair them up with our member organizations. Likewise, we will pair the individual member artists with the member organizations and sponsors.
  • PRIDA supports Puerto Rican artists by establishing a membership program that will advocate, empower and service the member organizations and artists. Some of the goals of the membership program are:
    − To open up markets for the sale of art by Puerto Rican artists
    − Develop a database of galleries and art spaces
    − Inform members about upcoming events and venues that welcome their participation as vendors through our newsletter, website and social networking resources
    − Inform the community in general about events that preserve, promote and protect our arts and culture
    − Sponsor events to showcase and promote Puerto Rican arts and culture
    − Provide opportunities for our members to conduct workshops and other special events
    − Provide our members with workshops that provide unique hands-on training and critical educational skills necessary for their professional advancement.

If you are a Puerto Rican artist or organization and want to join the movement to promote, preserve and protect Puerto Rican arts and culture then become a member of PRIDA today! (Membership Application)

How can you support PRIDA? First and foremost, we need you to join PRIDA. In order for PRIDA to have an impact and generate the support we artists need, we must be a real membership organization able to provide services to, and advocate for, real artists.

With your support we can:  respond to laws and lawmakers bent on cutting funding to the arts; convince foundations to fund real projects and help us create/find desperately needed venues to promote our art; work with the media to help call attention to our work and our issues; support younger artists by offering educational and mentorship projects; and honor and engage the PR artists who came before us and helped to enrich and promote our culture.

There are several levels of membership for every budget:  FREE, AMIGO/A, ARTIST, ORGANIZATION.  Each level offers different membership benefits and all levels receive regular newsletters regarding events and activities that you can plug into.  That’s it, no hidden fees, no gimmicks!

We love your support but we need you to join and, if possible, contribute what you can so that we can make PRIDA an organization that truly brings about change!

Click here to visit their site, join or make a donation today! 


Buen provecho!

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P.R.I.D.A. Steps In To Preserve Puerto Rican Arts & Culture!