Published On: Mon, Dec 2nd, 2013

Nuestra Arte: The Work of Evelyn Suarez

Mi Gente…

I recently met an artist whose work caught my eye. I asked her to submit some of her work so that I can share it with you and she sent me so many beautiful pieces… I have decided to showcase them one at a time.

Evelyn… Thank you for sharing!


Long-PieceEvelyn Velez Suarez was born in Brooklyn and raised in The Bronx, New York City to parents who are natives of Aquadilla, Puerto Rico. She is proud of her heritage, both Puerto-Rican/ Taino. She is a lifelong artist. In her early childhood she already was creating murals, as well as back drop art for plays and dance performances that she also performed in.

Her background covers many aspects of ART: clothing design, hair and makeup for television and movies, museum assistant and finally, Visual artist painter of Taino art and art teacher.

As a teacher she coordinated the creation of several outdoor and indoor murals as well as classroom teaching. She has also contributed her knowledge to groups of educators.

Her own art work represents that special place where reality and fantasy meet and sometimes . She is well known for her mermaid paintings and drawings, there are mermaids surrounded by representations of Taino symbolism.

If you are interested in seeing more the work she has available for sale… reach out to her

Nuestra Arte: The Work of Evelyn Suarez