Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

My Car Has New Kicks…

image1This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Cooper Tires and DiMe Media.

I am about to admit some things… that I am not particularly proud of.

  • Until this week, I did not have the habit of checking air pressure.
  • Just before Winter, I discovered that my front tires were bald and cracked.
  • I then bought used tires to save money which has costed me more in gas due to poor mileage.


What I am saying is that I have put my friends / family at risk more that I would like to admit to.


What was I thinking… another “minor detail” ignored because I was too busy that could have resulted in a collision.


I was embarrassed because I consider myself a car aficionado. How could I take this for granted. How could I not pay attention to such an important detail?


Enough of that… long story short, I had the opportunity to consult, shop and install brand new tires on my car to make things right. The guys at my local Midas shop… took the time to explain things to me and actually suggested that I read some of the critical education pieces that has on their website.

I did… and now  my car has new kicks.

NYC ‘s weather has been crazy lately and we just last month, we experienced all 4 season in a span of two weeks so it made sense for me to get All Weather tires especially since I do not usually drive in any extreme weather.


After all I learned, I traveled to Miami this morning and rented a Mercedes CLA and something told me to look at the tires and I realized that the tires were dangerously worn. I took the liberty of making a FB Live so that you can see for yourself how bad it was.


Check out the video and make sure to physically inspect your tires today.


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My Car Has New Kicks…