Published On: Fri, Oct 16th, 2009

MTV Sticks Their Tongue Out At Latinos… Again

Let me preface this post by saying this is not what I wanted my first blog post after my vacation to be about. Pero la vida es asi…


You would think that after Katilia Vélez and Linda Nieves-Powell turned the heat up on MTV over their poorly produced "True Life, I am Nuyorican" episode and had it shelved, that MTV would have learned their lesson.

Nope…instead they stuck their tongue out at us again…literally.

So I am watching "Los Premios MTV" last night and realized that instead of the traditional Moon Man they normally use for their award show, they instead used a 18 inch extended pierced tongue (YES A FREAKING LENGUA) as the award for this show. Now I was around when MTV was born…and I knew why the Moon Man was a symbol, and I can even understand if they changed their awards to a tongue in the mainstream awards what that may mean (possible homage to Gene Simmons from KISS). I do however fail to see the connection between KISS and Latinos.

What I am struggling with right now is why was this award chosen for us?

Is it because we as Latinos are "lengua largas" and bonchincheros? (shout out to PALO in Miami)

Is it yet another attempt to sexualize and minimize our contributions as Latinos?

Was the person in charge of awards feeling freaky and had "Latino or Latina" fantasies?

Somebody tell me something….

I want to know WHY this award was chosen before I decide whether I am really offended and want to enlist those that feel the same to give MTV yet another piece of our mind.

I know some people at MTV read my blog, because you have always thanked me for any mentions of MTV3's in the past…please let me know who I can get answers from.

UPDATE: My Facebook Friend Karol Tinoco, sent me this link that says that the award is supposed to represent "nuestras lengua" Spanish is what brings us together…. read that link here. Thanks Karen…but I still think that there can be a better symbol than a pierced tongue.

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MTV Sticks Their Tongue Out At Latinos… Again