Published On: Wed, Dec 15th, 2010

Let’s Help Being Latino Get Back Online!

Beinglatino Our good friend Frankie DeSoto from Sol Persona posted this in our Hispanic Marketing and Online Media group this morning…

"Some of you may not know but Lance Rios' successful Facebook fanpage , Being Latino, is down for some reason. One theory is that some significant people have deemed the Facebook fanpage as inappropriate as well as his WordPress blog. However, there's doesn't seem to be any violation. To me, this seems to be shady and what Lance says appears to be a coordinated attack. He's currently making an appeal.

Being Latino is one of the most successful hubs for Latinos to come together and share their experiences online. Let's support Lance and bring this to everyone's attention."

Here is how you can help…

Join the newly formed YOU CANT STOP US FROM BEING LATINO PAGE to support the appeal to get the page back online.

Remember we only win when we all win…support this platform!


George Torres

The Urban Jibaro

Let’s Help Being Latino Get Back Online!