Published On: Sat, Mar 28th, 2015

Lessons I Have Learned: Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover.


Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Disney Studios. However, all opinions expressed are my own and based on my life experience.

ThinkstockPhotos-453318047If there is every something I earned early in life, it is not to judge a book by it’s cover.

I say this because so many times in my life, I have seen people place labels on people based on bias in ways that are hurtful.

This was especially true when I was a kid… I was sometimes the misfit. I arrived at Puerto Rico around the age of 13, English was my first language and I was placed in a school without any bi-lingual support. This combination of circumstance was not good for my social status in the 7th grade as I was laughed at constantly because of how I pronounced words in Spanish. This led to consistent name calling, teasing and borderline bullying from some kids, passive avoidance from others as I am sure they thought that being my friends would put a target on their back.

The kid who teased me the most… Anibal (kids actually called him Animal), lived right across the street from me and was always really nice to me when either of our parents / grandparents were around. This confused me… it confused me even more that he was constantly doing chores, helping neighbors and spent lots of time with his sister Lourdes, who was in a wheelchair. He seemed to be gentle and caring person outside of school but unusually calloused and aggressive whenever he had an audience of our peers.

ThinkstockPhotos-159004901One day my cousins came over and whenever that happened, it was “showtime” at my house. This was the early 80’s, I came from NYC so I was really into music and breakdancing. All my cousins would gather around and ask me to show them the latest dance moves while we listened to cassette tapes my aunt Lisette would send me with the latest DJ mixes on NY Radio. I noticed Anibal’s sister peeking in the gates of our driveway, watching me and my cousins dance and have fun. She was smiling like I have never seen her smile before, it turns out she was a big Michael Jackson fan and loved to watch people dance. I did not really think, but I crossed the street while Anibal’s mother toiled in her garden and asked if Lourdes and Anibal could come over and listen to music for a little while.

They did, and we had fun. Anibal even shed his tough guy image to dance once he saw how happy it made Lourdes. he even danced with her, spinning her around to the beat of new york city (hip hop).  I did not know what to make of it but thought that things would go back to normal once we were in the school yard, Anibal would once again make fun of my accent or push me around. That is not what happened, instead he invited me over to the handball court to hang out with a few of his friends to ask me all about NYC, graffitti and breakdancing. Before the day was over I think we even started a dance crew. Turns out, Anibal was not a bad kid at all, he was simply a burly kid that was socially awkward and was extremely self conscious about his sisters disability and became somewhat of a bully to avoid being teased himself. His biggest fear was having someone make fun of his sister and not being able to protect her from that.

I invited Lourdes over because I wanted her to keep smiling and that was what ignited a friendship between Anibal and I that would last years. I even asked Lourdes to a Valentines Day dance a year later. ;). Anibal became a nicer person… he finally felt like he had someone he felt he can explore his talents with that would not make fun of him. I guess we had one less bully to worry about. It also makes me wonder how many other bullies just simply need a real friend to challenge them to be better people.

The moral of the story is that many times people are not what they seem and it takes conversation to really find who they are. Had I been too nervous to ask the “girl in the wheel chair” to come over and hang out I would have never realized just how cool her and her brother could be. I make it a point to talk to people of all cultures & backgrounds and always revel in walking away having learned new things but most importantly… realizing that we are all more similar than we are different in more ways than we care to admit.

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– George Torres

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Lessons I Have Learned: Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover.