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Just The Call To Action – #PorTuFamilia


The Bohemian Babushka Helps Us Set Off Our Campaign On Instagram

Inspired by a conversation with Jeff Namnum

If I can say it in just one tweet, I would… it would read something like this

Please Tweet, YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Pin and Post Health Info To Help Save Lives In Our Community #PorTuFamilia

In these days of abbreviated communication… not every story can be told in a single tweet (or even a blog post). So a few weeks back, I asked you if you can lend me your influence to help me start a national conversation about Diabetes in the Latino community.

We have had a great response with over 300 influencers sharing info and reaching over a half million people in just under two weeks. That is just not enough… we need to reach Millions. In the event that my last post was too long… I figured I would abbreviate the post and just get straight to the CALL TO ACTION.

The reasons you should help will be at the bottom just in case you do not know why we are doing this.

If you can think of any way you can help and I have not thought of it… let me know by emailing me at PorTuFamilia [@] or text/call me at 516-690-7397… I am dead serious that is my personal cell number.

Here is the CALL TO ACTION

What You Can Do…

  • If you live in NYC, consider volunteering and helping us save lives (water, a healthy lunch and a cool t-shirt is provided)
  • If you are in NYC in August, Bring someone you LOVE to get screened at the Feria de Salud, it is FREE!

Click here to sign up and volunteer!


Cannot Make The Event?

You Can Help From Anywhere In The World…

Our Feria de Salud in the Bronx may be a local event, but this is a global epidemic and we need to help spark awareness in every way shape or form… here are some ideas that can help us get the word out.

IMPORTANT – You do not have to CREATE new content (although that would be very cool of you) just simply sharing what some amazing people are already doing would be very helpful… you would be helping tens of thousands people get this info NOW!


  • Write a blog post or an article about this event in any publication / platform you have access to.
  • Interview one of our #PorTuFamilia Diabetes Educators on your radio or tv show.
  • Share important Diabetes resources on social networks and use the #PorTuFamilia hashtag
  • Send us recipes that make our Latino culinary favorites healthier and use the #PorTuFamiliahashtag
  • Create a YOUTUBE video to create awareness in your community and use the #PorTuFamiliahashtag
  • Instagram or Vine a video supporting the #PorTuFamilia movement (don’t forget to add the hashtag)
  • Tweet out anything DIABETES RELATED that has the #PorTuFamilia hashtag
  • Invite your NYC area friends on Facebook to sign up and help us out on August 17th in the Bronx.Here is the link
  • Introduce me to anyone who is passionate about Health in the Latino community… I really want to meet them and collaborate.


If you can think of any way you can help and I have not thought of it… let me know by emailing me at PorTuFamilia [@] or text/call me at 516-690-7397… I am dead serious that is my personal cell number.

What is the desired outcome?

(partial list)

For those in NYC, you will be promoting La Feria De Salud an event that will help screen thousands for Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and  more.

For those outside of NYC… you will be engaged in a National conversation about the single biggest threat to the health of our community! Here is what you can expect as a result…

– Your following will learn about the warning signs of diabetes

– Promote prevention and healthier living in your community

– Get valuable FREE resources for learning to live with Diabetes

– Having conversations about real lifestyle changes you can make

– You can learn to cook healthier versions of your favorite meals!

– You can save the life of a friend or loved one (maybe even your own life)

– You will be joining the biggest conversation to ever take place about Diabetes in our virtual Latino community.



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Just The Call To Action – #PorTuFamilia