Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2011

Free Online Class: Keeping Kids Safe Online – A Parents Guide To The Social Web

Safety Saludos…

We have heard you loud and clear, you have been emailing us suggestions of things we can do to better serve you and one of the things you asked for was educational modules. We are starting a series of webinars that will address online safety and a whole bunch of other topics on your mind that will be announced shortly. Online safety has been a hot topic because of stories we see on the web about everything from child abductions, cyberbullying, runaways and teenage sexting.

This webinar is 100% free and will have a 20 minute Q&A to answer parent questions. We wil also provide you with resources that will help you better understand the networks your kids use and how they use them.

Here is the full description of the course;

Have you lost your kids attention to the social web?

Puzzled about what they can be doing online? It use to be easy to monitor use and have control over the content they consume. The landscape has changed now that most kids have web access on their mobile devices. This webinar will walk you thru a few things that will educate you on where your kids "hang out" online, how these social networks work and how you can take an active role in insuring their safety.

BONUS: We will also be discussing popular teenage slang and giving you resources so that you can figure out exactly what your kid may be saying online. We will also provide links to software that will help you protect your kids.

This F-R-E-E webinar is limited to 200 participants so make sure you register NOW!

This webinar is brought to courtesy of Sofrito Media Group and Capicu Cultural Showcase


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Free Online Class: Keeping Kids Safe Online – A Parents Guide To The Social Web