Published On: Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

“En Clave”… My Life’s New Rhythm.


A little over 6 months ago… I made a decision. I decided that I no longer wanted to work a 9 to 9 (yes… 9 to 5 is so 20th century). I decided that I was going to finally do everything that I had put on the back burner for at least the last 18 years. I had responsibilities to take care of, debt to pay, children to raise… I put everything before my dreams. I do not regret it… because every day up to the day that I made that decision… I was not ready.

So here I am today… my head still spinning from an amazing 2 weeks… celebrated my mom’s 64th Birthday, started c0-hosting / producing a new radio show on Univision Radio (in Espanishhh), killed a scene at Victor Cruz’s acting class, sent out proposals for my big trip to Hispanicize, had a long talk with a business advisor to restructure my business, finally decided on office space (in Williamsburg), won a Latino Trendsetter award for the English Blogging Category, met author Julia Torres Barden, author of NewYoricanGirl and we (Capicu Culture) are about to spend the night with some very promising art students from Cooper Union College and introduce them to a collective called ArtCultureNYC that will be able to serve as mentors. This is just a week… but it shows me that there is so much more… and my life is finally “En Clave”… which in English means “In Rhythm”

    Last but not least… I have made some interesting changes in some of the content you will be seeing from me in the coming weeks. First off you will see much more content, but I will be sharing some of the very important lessons I am learning as well as the tools that I am using to get my business running and profitable. That story needs to be told… Thank you Hispanicize, Latin Trends, Univision Radio, Dr, Candida Catucci, Victor Cruz, Azucar Communications, Cooper Union College and ArtCultureNYC for your incredible role in my life this week (and moving forward). Special thanks to my family, friends, supporters, Capicu Culture and specifically my business partner PapoSwiggity for just always being there and cheering me on… you guys fuel my drive. Speaking of drive… I would be remiss if I did not thank my good friends at Buick for providing the very sexy (and functional) 2015 Enclave which inspired the title of this post. This SUV was completely adaptable to the variety of things I needed to get done and it was soooo incredible comfortable. The weather impeded us from giving it the photo spread that it certainly deserved but if you are on the market for an SUV… I promise you this is not your grandfather’s Buick. Find out more about the Enclave and some of the new Buicks hitting your streets soon at (disclaimer: While Buick did provide me with a loaner vehicle for the Latino Trendsetter awards, all opinions are my own)  

Check out My Very Cool En Clave Video Featuring Buick!


“En Clave”… My Life’s New Rhythm.