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The following is a list of COVID-19 information that will be updated daily. We will include verified information from agencies, creators, organizations, communities that are trusted and verified.

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Center Of Disease Control (CDC)

COVID – 19 Symptoms  

How it spreads part I :    

How it spreads part II:

Prevent spread in home:  

Higher risks for those over 65:  

How long does the virus last in the air and on surfaces:\

Face covering do’s and dont’s:  

How to manage someone recovering at home:  

Cleaning of surfaces:  

Whose most likely to get sick:  

CDC en Español: 

CDC overview of COVID-19 info: 

CDC resources in other languages: 

CDC You tube playlist:: 

The CDC on this post below advocates for rest and in the comments you can see that a nurse who is working in a COVID unit  is completely contradicting the advice the CDC is giving. Definitely notable!!

WHO (World Health Organization)

WHO (World Health Organization) main resource page  ( English)

  WHO (World Health Organization) main resource page  ( spanish) : 

WHO IG page: 

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness COVID-19 resource guide

American Psychiatric Association resources for tele-counseling during quarantine:

Mental Health Association resource page:

Content Creators

A list of content creators engaged with their respective communities in how to navigate their time at home during the quarantine.

Chef Ronaldo Linares

@chef_ronaldo_ on Instagram,


Alexandra Olavarria

TVHost / Content Creator & Brand Ambassador
Best Travel Content Creator 2019🏆🇺🇸 #LasAventurasDeAlexa 💃🏻✈️
CEO @acochproductions@olasbay

Family Workout Tutorial –

Small Business Resources

Latina Nomad has a great resource page with lots of options.

Heal Your Home… by Rebecca “Gitana” Torres

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