The Election Is Over: Tego Calderón and Talib Kweli Have A Message For President Obama!

That message is clear… FREE OSCAR LOPEZ NOW He has been in jail longer than Mandela!   Check out the video… then take action today!   The presidential election is over… Lets apply all the pressure on President Obama to do the right thing before he leaves office. We need to bring him home for the holidays… – More...

by Urban Jibaro | Published 6 years ago
By Urban Jibaro On Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

6 Things I Noticed About My Health When I Started Dancing Salsa.

So a few weeks back, I announced that I would be starting classes at Salsa Salsa in Park Slope on January 8th. I made this commitment with the goal of adding dance to my workout to not only impact my health but More...

salsa salsa
By Urban Jibaro On Thursday, December 31st, 2015

Dancing Salsa: My New Social Workout

Here is the twitter version: In 2016… I am partnering up with Latino owned Salsa Salsa Dance Studio in Brooklyn NY to promote health, wellness and culture thru the art of dancing Salsa. Will you join me? Really, More...