Published On: Tue, Apr 10th, 2007

Capicu did it again!!!

That’s right…our second show opened to over 90 people on Good Friday!

After long talks and debates on whether or not we should have our second show on April 6th (Good Friday) we decided to go ahead with the show and keep the momentum. In our minds we had come to the conclusion that we would not get a great turnout. When we got there we gave 110% to the 90+ people who had already committed to coming out and supporting this movement that my partner Papo Swiggity has labeled the "Counter Gentrification" project. I thought you may want to hear it from him this time…

Here is Papo’s recap of the night…

Amazing!! What a night!
Honestly, we expected a low turnout because of the holiday weekend, supposing that people would have family plans and/or weekend trips planned in advance…

but NOPE!
We were blessed with an outstanding night of hip hop/ poetry, headed off by the legendary performance poet, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and paradigm shifter Ngoma! Quite an honor for us!

After showing up hella early to the spot to secure their place (we were still mopping! lmao!) a group of talented writers who fuse Spoken Word and HipHop known as the 21 Poetz blessed us with a really hot group collaberative piece after each performing individually.. shout outs to you fellas!

The open-mic’ers Chilo, Seraphim, Joe Ramone, Poetic Assasin, Advocate of Wordz, Poetic Excellence, OL SoUL, Bernice Sosa-Izquierdo, 1/2 pint, Yubelky Rodriguez, Kaleesha aka Sista Klee, Ill Famed, Poeta Guerrera, Bella Trastorna, Conan, as well as first-timers like Ruthy Robles and some were just coming off of 2-year hiatus! Rob Blazini (I see u!) . After an intermission with food and networking, Boricuation artist G-Positive took us to "church" with hot Christian Hip Hop tracks!

LatinBeat magazine came down and conducted interviews with us, also a spanish-language television station came down and video-recorded portions of the show and interviewed some of the artists for a show called Dialogo de Costa a Costa. For more info visit

For those of you who came down and supported, thank you for being part of our vision. I call it the counter-gentrification.. they’re trying to push the minorities out of Brooklyn, and guess what??

We’re pushing back!

I want to especially thank this month’s Nuestra Arte feature Mia Hernandez for sharing her beautiful paintings with us.


Papo Swiggity

DONT MISS OUR NEXT SHOW!!!! Friday, April 20th.
A special celebration in honor of the dreams of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos, and Filiberto Ojeda Rios. *Surprise feature artist!*

Capicu did it again!!!