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Cafecito On A College Budget: My Daughter Reviews Nescafe Memento


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There are very few people I know that love coffee like my daughter “La Jibarita” does. I am not sure if it is because we did not really let her drink coffee as a teen. She always watched the grown ups chatting and observed the dynamic that comes with the social aspect of drinking coffee together. She was always drawn to that, but because of concerns of what caffeine would do do an already hyper pre-teen, she was banished to the world of hot chocolate. It was inevitable … during her last year of High School she started hanging with her friends at a popular local (and verrry expensive) coffee house.

Now I am not much of a coffee drinker so when Nescafe sent me some samples of their new Memento flavors to review… I honestly was not sure what I was going to do with them. Then it clicked… Jibarita was coming home from campus for the holiday. I asked her to sample them and let me know what she thought.


I gave her three flavors to try over last weekend…. Caramel Latte, Mocha and Cappuccino.


Memento comes in three delicious flavors

Here is her unedited feedback…

Papi… thanks for the coffee… You Rock Sir!

I had a chance to try all three and here is what I have to say…

Caramel Latte: Tastes just like brewed coffee except this can be made in one minute instead of 15. The caramel flavor is clear yet not over bearing as if it was fake. It tastes as if someone made it fresh, putting caramel in hot coffee. The coffee is not over powering and doesn’t milk or sugar to make it taste better or to tone it down. This caramel latte even gets the “latte” foam on top when mixing it. the flavor was definitely captured in this “to go” package. 

Mocha: Very strong flavor. It stays true to the mocha taste. And just like the Caramel Latte  is great as is… no need for  milk or sugar. This also may interest the hot chocolate lovers that are looking for an extra flavor kick or in need of the caffeine. My roommate would love this when she is studying for mid terms!

Cappuccino: Literally nodded my head in amazement when taking my first sip because of how exact it came to a freshly brewed cappuccino. It was right on the money… loved the caffeine kick!
The best part of all… each serving is only 100 calories (YOU REALLY LOVE ME PAPI!), you have no idea how much harder I have to hit the gym to be able to drink the amount of coffee I drink.
All three are very unique in their flavors. They are great for the coffee lover or skeptical hot chocolate lover, on the go.  And you know me, as a creative person, you couldn’t put mixing flavors past me. I am looking forward to creating my own special coffee flavor ;).  Having these in my care packages (hint, hint) will save me time (and a long walk) to the campus coffee shop.
Thanks again Papi!
– Gelly

Here is my personal feedback…

Now as a father of twin college students I am going to tell you what I like most about this Nescafe Memento taste test. I like that by the time Tuesday came, she was already asking me to pick some up for her at our local supermarket.

You may ask why I like that… the answer is simple, as a broke college student who do you think pays for those obscenely priced coffee house drinks I cannot even pronounce… ME, THAT’S WHO.

At just a little over .50 cents a serving (and no need to buy extras like creamer, sugar and milk, this is the perfect coffee for a college student. She will get a half dozen cups for the same price as one of those overpriced java cups (talk about saving lots of “bucks”).  On that basis alone I will make sure that I promote this to anyone and everyone.

How would you like to try  NESCAFÉ Memento for FREE?

Check the bottom of the post to find out how you can score some free samples so you can let us know what you think.

New NESCAFÉ® Memento™, is a delicious single-serve instant coffee that offers the coffeehouse experience in one convenient stick pack 

Made with real coffee, milk and sugar, Memento is the very first instant coffee that has a rich, luxurious foam that can match any coffeehouse cappuccino

  •  NESCAFÉ Memento is available in three delicious flavors: Caramel Latte, creamy Cappuccino and rich chocolate Mocha.
  •  NESCAFÉ Memento offers the perfect alternative to coffeehouse drinks that are expensive and full of calories
  • NESCAFÉ Memento also offers quality and flavor, as well as a rich foam that can stand up to any coffee house cappuccino
  • At 100 calories per cup and mere cents per packet, NESCAFÉ Memento won’t impact your waistline or your wallet

Visit the site and request your free samples now…



Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

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*This is part of a compensated program with Nescafe. However, all opinions are my own and those of my daughter Jibarita.
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Cafecito On A College Budget: My Daughter Reviews Nescafe Memento