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Bohemian Babushka’s 10 Baubles of Brilliance

As I promised, Sofrito For Your Soul would open it’s doors not only to writers but to other bloggers and curators of all things cultural. Today I introduce you to the Bohemian Babushka, a self defined creative soul that dances to the beat of her own drums… who today will share the advice she would give her 15 year old self if given the opportunity. I thank Babushka for lending her voice to you today.

Please take a moment after you read this post to visit her at her own lil esquinita on the web “Babushka’s Baile”  (while you are at it, follow her on twitter @BBabushka , trust me, she is just as entertaining in 140 characters)… and most importantly….  as she would say… sigue bailando!

Buen Provecho

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Bohemian Babushka’s 10 Baubles of Brilliance


At first when George suggested this topic I couldn’t think of 10 jewels- all I could hear was Sinatra singing in my ears, “Regrets,I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” Pero upon further reflection, although I truly live life “My Way”, it would have been nicer to have been living like this a lot sooner. 

So here are my baubles: 

1)  Don’t Smoke.

By the time you’re 50, and yes, you will reach the ripe old age of 50, smoking will no longer be cool and your teeth will no longer be white. The notes you can now sing & hold will be cut in half as well as your breathing, so save your lungs and your dinero; you could buy two mansions on what you’ll spend on cigarretes.  Imaginate- 30 years wishing you had never started. So Don’t.

2)  Cut down on the grease. 

Ok, si, eres Cubana and that’s gonna be a tough one.  But notice I said “cut down” on the grasa.  Just try to not fry everyday in every meal. Your waistline and your gallbladder will thank you for the extra effort.

and speaking of waistlines-

3) You do NOT have to be a stick to get a husband. 

Esta bien, you finally get into single digit clothes, but being bulimic, borderline anorexic is not the way to go.  Taking 14 Ex-lax a day, even the chocolate flavored ones, does not do a body good.  Despite whatever well meaning family says, you WILL find a husband just as you are.  Love yourself first and other loves will follow.

and when those loves follow-

4)  Don’t let others mess up your relationships. 

The only “tiki-tiki” you should be listening to is your heart.  If it/they make you feliz, that’s all that’s important.

5)  Dance with your Dreams.

Try different tempos, different steps, different dances, but always make sure you are the one picking the music.  What you choose today will not be the one you choose mañana, but find the joy in each and you will never tire of dancing.

6) Don’t let others choose your Dreams.

Having more “W” withdrawals than completed courses no esta en na’ and is not the way to graduate.  Study what you love, find interesting, want to learn more about, not what someone else thinks is “sensible”.  Al final, without heart in your future it’s just a waste of time and money, and who has that to spare?

7)  Don’t give up.

You can change your mind, but never give up.  Keep going towards your happiness, and if you’re doing it right it’ll always be a learning experience.  Never ask “what was I thinking?”- ask “what was I learning?”

8)  Get to know your parents as people.

Believe it or not, once you pass puberty ::shudder:: you will once again believe in the intelligence and capacidad of your padres.  Ask them what their dreams were, are.  What were their talents and loves? Pregunta ahora; the luxury of time with your mom is not yours to have.

9)  Face your fears.

Imagine the worst that could happen, and do it anyways.  Of course this is not in the physical sense y por supuesto I’m not advocating jumping into a pit of snakes.

Aunque you do end up working for state government….

10)  Above all things be kind to yourself.

Enjoy the moment- ALL moments.  They are part of who you are and who you will be.

Y tu querida, you’ll be fine and will be loved, by others and yourself.

No woman can control her destiny if she doesn’t give to herself

as much as she gives of herself.

~Suze Orman

So breathe.  Don’t focus so intently at what should be that you can’t see what could be. The only thing that “has to be” is joy, and only you can give yourself that.


Babushka Besos to you. 

Aqui te espero para seguir el baile.



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Bohemian Babushka’s 10 Baubles of Brilliance