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My Three Words For 2021

This has become my absolute favorite post of the year and for good reason. Ever since I decided to ditch the old resolution ritual for three guiding words to focus my energy on… the results have been phenomenal. I did not hit every goal but the quality of my life has progressively improved since 2015.

That said, I wanted once more to share it with you (earlier than usual)  in the hopes you will join me and shift your life for the better.

I stopped participating in the New Year ritual of making a list of “resolutions”.

I am, however, a firm believe in self-improvement and I came across a blog post in 2014 by one of my personal favorite influencers, Chris Brogan. It was a simple post with little or no explanation as to why he was choosing 3 words instead of resolutions… but I instantly got it, and so it began.

I want you to understand the concept of this exercise, so here is how Chris explains it in his words (published in 2014)


How to Choose Your Three Words

Lots of people pick words that remind them to take a certain action, or to be a certain way. Over the years, I’ve used both methods. Sometimes, my words are a verb. Other times, they’re a bit more complex. The idea is to use the words as triggers for actions you intend to take, and maybe other actions you seek to avoid.


Here is my annual report card based on last year’s words.


These last 6 years have all been about change, but not like the change you are about to see. For years, I have made it very hard to define who I am in the big scheme of things. This undisciplined approach allowed me to play in a lot of different spaces and really figure out who I am at my core.

and what I really am is…

a storyteller, I am a creator and a bridge-builder. Expect for me to share more of that than anything else in 2020. Understand that I will be more than a Hispanic, Latino, LatinX anything…

I will share what the core elements are as far as building/connecting communities and collaborating meaningfully in social spaces. This will go way beyond ethnicity.

and go back to podcasting, which I have been wanting to do for quite some time.

Psssst, here is the link to the podcast, available on Spotify, iTunes and most places you can find great audio content on. –


Pivot… is an understatement.

This year was intended for me to do a lot more of the big, behind the scenes, think tank type of things while I try to finish writing the book. I would have been laying the foundation for a shift in which I would be monetizing my thoughts and not my time.

COVID-19 would change all of that and actually push me in the right direction but not without trying to take me out first. When the pandemic began, I lost a lot of money in public speaking and producer gigs I had lined up at major conferences. I found myself engaging with people I have worked with in the past and finding out that many of them lost their jobs. Knowing that any creative I know has a dream locked deep inside of their soul that their mortgage or car note has blocked from becoming a reality.

Those conversations eventually became overwhelming as I was doing full blown consultations for free. I decided I had to do something different… this would not be sustainable.

Now I have been planning for sometime to start an online academy of sorts, my own school where I can teach social enagement / marketing the way I do it. This plan was in my 2022 blueprint but something inside of me told me I needed to start now… with no capital, no plan, just with what was in my heart. In late March, early April, SIEMBRA INITIATIVE was born.

This pilot group was supposed to be 33 participants, but so many people were engaging about the same challenges that the inagural group was actually 144 (today it is actually 148).In this group I would share my thoughts on marketing trends, best practices in social media and also connect people that could produce amazing collaborations. The best part about it, is that I made it 100% FREE for everyone in the group.

In this group I was able to help some of these folks actually execute on their ideas.

This dynamic led to a bunch of other opportunities arising but one of the most interesting was me finding a coach that I felt can actually help me overcome roadblocks I have as I continue to grow. The coach I selected is Brigette Larusso (Embrace Change) which inspired me to create my first VIP Offer via Siembra which is currently underway. This was an important first step to achieving the goal of finding true abundance within my work.

But towards the end of the year, I got an invitation to help create awareness around COVID-19 in the community and I accepted. The day after I signed up, I found out my Great Aunt (Titi Belen) was on her death bed and I wanted to go and say my goodbyes. In order to do so, I had to get a COVID Test.

I tested POSITIVE.

I had to rethink everything, I mean I almost didnt survive this but once I knew I would pull through I thought of going back to the client and assume a bigger role in recruiting new voices for this campaign. My management agency Talento Unlimited partnered with Sofrito Media group and together we planned / executed a successful social media campaign with 12 influencers to help stop the spread of this deadly virus.

The beautiful irony is that the organization I would champion is the same one that saved my life… you can see a small recap of that here in this video.

I have pivoted in more ways too… I will have a major announcement in late January / early February that will make this all clearer.

The magic of this pivot was I stayed open to change the whole time and I trusted the serendipty of everything that was happening.


More blogs, my book, thought pieces, tweets…. todo.

I think that my last statement says it all in a way but I will expand to say that I think I am ready to fully embrace myself as a writer and will be super focused on the book this year. Much of my social content will support ideas I am exploring as I put what I hope to be a valuable resource in your hands.

This means I write every day, no excuses.

Personally, I am also keeping a pretty detailed journal for documentation purposes. I am using Evernote and putting the right protocols in place to make sure this digital asset is preserved.


If you just read my account of what “Pivot” did for me in 2020, You would know that I have really gone more long form in most of my storytelling (even in IG / Stories). Although I currently find myself struggling with finishing the book, I have 10X’d on my writing in all forms.

I am open to exploring other kinds of writing this year.


This word goes back to the core of everything… why I even started Sofrito For Your Soul in the first place. My goal is to teach, to spark interest to the point that you too, will want to share your stories, write about your journey and amplify our voices in the world.

The seeds for this have been planted long ago with me independently teaching social media/ branding workshops, sharing my story at some of my keynotes, and even my role in the development of the Capicu School of Poetic Arts (La SOPA NYC).

I am happy to say, that I have just agreed to do some staff development work at an Ivy League University in NYC in January. This work will empower administrators and educators alike to really develop their digital using my Audit – Align – Amplify methodology I developed in 2019….


The teaching opportunity that I closed last year’s post with was a very big blessing and since the majority of our sessions were planned as virtual because of my heavy travel schedule… it was one of the clients that stayed the course for 2020. I had the opportunity to teach group classes as well as personal development sessions and one of their staff is even currently a founding member of my very first Siembra accountability cohort.

The second part of this is what I am currently working on with my coach is how I am going to turn my high value presence online to a game changing relationship with people who need my services professionally. I have been doing it online for quite some time but I have not been charging fees that are aligned with my expertise.

My coach is focused on making me abundant enough so I can still provide low cost / sliding scale services with the people of my choosing.

Talk about a full-circle moment huh? I am truly blessed to have this and many new opportunities to grow in the space I am meant to lead-in.

So… here are My Three Words for 2021!

(I made it bilingual this year)




If political unrest, hurricanes, earthquakes, and pandemics have taught me anything is that social media has us all in “hoarding” mode. For years we placed value on followers & fans but for the sake of numbers and not much else. Even those of us who may be very engaged have realized that it is not easy to be present with the audiences we say we want.

In some ways… I am stepping back, on purpose to reconnect with people I really liked from my days doing the “influencer” hustle. I am taking time to engage with them on a deeper level to collaborate on bigger projects.

I am also taking time to intentionally connect with those people whose work I admire to create energetic exchanges that are mutually beneficial.

We have never been able to eat the fruit of the seeds we plant today so SIEMBRA is all about getting ready for seasons to come.

SIEMBRA is all about having something meaningful to CULTIVA[R]


Cultiva is what we do with the seeds we plant, nourishing them so that they can create abundance. Having a network is not enough, I believe I must promote those in my circle so that they can grow exponentially. I have always done this and have never asked for reciprocation but that changes this year. I must also cultivate abundance for myself, If I continue to help others without helping myself, I will eventually not have a strong platform to help others with. Making sure that I grow, provides more opportunities for others to grow with me.

I plan on being intentional in asking others to provide testimonials, co-signs and to recommend people that align from a values perspective so that the growth I provide creates a culture of paying it forward.

CULTIVA is all about energetic exchanges that lead to the COSECHA


This has been the piece that has been missing for quite some time, the harvest. I mean, the harvest always happens but it was disproportionately skewed because of my habit of giving, and not positioning myself to receive.

There has been a mind shift with me and I am shedding the feelings of discomfort when it comes to being abundant. Highlighting my accomplishments is not bragging and anyone who feels that I am, probably doesn’t t belong around me. This year, I do have a financial plan that provides me the life I deserve to live and also invests money for me to be able to rest when I decide that I want to settle down, relax and become a spectator.

COSECHA is about all about the abundance I earned doing good in the world.



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These are the three words that will drive me to have the biggest year of my life and I promise to bring you along for the ride.

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