Published On: Thu, Sep 15th, 2022

10 Ways To Celebrate Latinx / Hispanic Heritage Month.

by Nancy Marmolejo

Hispanic/Latinx Heritage month runs Sept 15-Oct 15. Want to celebrate?

Want to support?

Here’s how:

1- Call out bias and injustice when you see it.

2- Don’t assume there’s a single Latino identity. “Latino” is a complex term, filled with its own issues around colorism, racism, and classism. Take time to learn the many threads of history and culture of what’s considered “Latino”.

3- Support Latino artists and creators. Give credit where it’s due.

4- “I love tacos and margaritas” isn’t enough. Speak out against discrimination, unfair practices, exploitation, accent bias, etc.

5-Educate yourself on pay inequities Latinos face in the workplace, particularly Latinas who make 57 cents to every $1 a white male makes

6- Read up on the recent farmworkers march in California for workers rights. The rights of the people who pick and grow your food matter!

7- If just blue collar Latinos took a collective day off today, what would your life look like? Who would pick your fruits and veggies? Who would clean up after you? Who’d watch your kids, mow your lawn, cook your food? Honor and respect the hard work Latinos do.

8- Call out cultural appropriation and racist depictions of Latinos in film, TV, media, pop culture, etc.

9- Buy from Latino owned businesses, and yes that includes taco stands!

10- Hire and promote more Latinos into leadership roles, especially Latinas!


10 Ways To Celebrate Latinx / Hispanic Heritage Month.