Published On: Wed, Aug 22nd, 2012

Yes… I have Diabetes, help me fight it.

And my father had diabetes, and his father had diabetes and so on… it is in our genes they say.

I found out about 6 months ago and luckily through my personal work with POR TU FAMILIA NY… I was able to see the signs and went to see my Doctor.

Here I am… 6 months later, better off than I was 6 months ago without a doubt, but that is not enough for me. I really want to reverse this horrible disease and rid myself of it. I want to live as long as I possibly can.

Lost, deppressed, stressed, hopeless and confused are just some of the words that describe how I felt when I got this news, yes I have been somewhat overweight for a while, but I have always led such an active life. It turns out that working 12-15 hours a day does not really count as exercise (point taken). I have flirted with the idea of sharing my story thru this platform as I have in the past on our Radio Capicu broadcast. I needed to reach out to you… and ask the question.

If I choose to blog about this topic from a personal standpoint, will you not only support it, but will you share your resources, advice, recipes and just well wishes to see that I reach my goal?

It is my hope, that through this amazing community (YOU) that I have had the privilege to serve… that we can build a strong platform to discuss solutions for people like me that feel a sense of hopelessness when it comes to Diabetes and it’s impact on our lives.

Will you help me build it?

Please let me know in the comments if you can join me in this endeavor.


As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro 
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Yes… I have Diabetes, help me fight it.