Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2009

Yerbabuena Represents… Jibaro Music in Japan!

Remember that song…"que pensaran de nosotros en Japon"by Calle 13?

I always wondered if Japanese people that are in touch with the Latino culture found that particular song funny or offensive. I will go on record saying that it was genius…but then again I have a weird sense of humor. Anyways… I am not sure how much radio play Calle 13 gets in Japan…but it is very obvious that Japan's obsession with the Latino Culture has not been affected.

Recently, my favorite Jibaro music group, Tato Torres & Yerbabuena went on Japanese TV to sing "Musica Jibara" for the masses and they sung quite a few of my favorite songs. I chose this particular video to share with you because it really reflects what I am feeling today. I think that we all need to step out of of our comfort zone and learn a little bit about our neighbors regardless of their culture…

The song is called "El blanco y el de color" and it's racial harmony message is strong…take a listen and share it with a friend.

Big shout to to my panas, Tato Torres & Flaco Navaja…thank you all for making us all very proud.

Buen Provecho…

As I am,

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

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Yerbabuena Represents… Jibaro Music in Japan!