Published On: Wed, Jun 4th, 2008

Daily Dose of Sofrito: Yeah, I Dated The Girls From Sex In the City!


I can’t front, as a social urbanite in the NYC nightlife scene that grew up in a family made up predominantly of women, I found entertainment value in the characters of Sex In The City. I know- not many men would say- or at least admit to-that. lol

And No- I’m not going to line up tonight to see the movie— I’ll catch the bootleg on Jamaica Ave soon enough and watch it while I’m in the comfort of my own home with wifey.
But I got to thinking about the characters these women play in this series, and I asked myself— have I dated them??

Peep it:

Carrie Bradshaw-
Oh yes, I’ve dated many Carries in my life. Succesful and susceptible to day dreaming.. she has a skeleton in her closet in the form of an ex boyfriend that never really goes away. Therefore any future plans you try to make with this chick are nothing more than houses built on quicksand. In the Latino twist of the Carrie character, he’s usually a Baby Daddy! Have I ever been a "Mister Big’? yes! Poor souls have gone chasing. But I believe once something is dead, there’s no bringing it back..
at least for me!
**side note** I always hated how long..or strange.. or SOMETHING Carries face is in the series! lol

Miranda Hobbes-
I usually just call her "rubia" cuz I never remember her real name.. as it is in real life, because it’s always been hard for me to maintain a relation with this kind of cold straight faced chick. LOL seriously, because of my carefree nature I’m usually too nonchalant for this career woman. Creativity is a hobby to her, unless it’s being creative about how to fatten up the bank. In a relationship, she’s somewhat detached from her usually see her dude playing the bar by himself for half the night, looking like a sad puppy waiting for her to turn her attention to him. Gotta respect her hustle though! Griiiindinggg!

Charlotte York-
Her kind of character was the object of my adoration in my early twenties. I’m sure a lot of guys would agree with that. Though it was not my reality! In my experience, this woman doesn’t believe in personal space, once the relationship machine gets rollin’.
She’s proper, rarely curses, comes off as "too nice", romantic wifey type but can surprise you from time to time with a spontaneous act of passion.
She’s educated, but grew up sheltered so can come off as a pendeja! LoL therefore needy.. and one thing I don’t like is a pendeja, the women in my life have been strong.
Which brings me to:

Samantha Jones-
the most prevalent type of woman in my life, most of the women in my circle identify most with her! She cannot be told what to do! She’s self empowered, outspoken, sharp, articulate and has a set of priorities that go against the norm and that are, for some, difficult to comprehend. Sometimes seen as a cat in heat, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and knows where lines should be drawn, though she walks dangerously close to those borders. When she gets faced with really hard shyt to deal with, she learns and grows even stronger from the experience. This girl is a survivor, and in my opinion enjoys the positives in her life fully.

Afterthought:  I guess she’s the "chica mala" they singin’ about in that merengue joint!

Well- that’s my little character analysis. LOL hope you enjoyed it. For my homegirls that will be out tonight in their fancy shoes, peepin’ the movie and then trying to score a night of Sex In The City in manhattan… make sure it’s SAFE SEX! LoL

PaPo Swiggity

Daily Dose of Sofrito: Yeah, I Dated The Girls From Sex In the City!