Published On: Thu, Sep 16th, 2010

Connecting With Latino Culture: Write A Short Story About Something Funny Like A Chancletaso

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TIP #3 - Write A Short Story About Something Funny Like A Chancletaso.


Today's Tip is for my writers (even the aspiring ones)

Being a Latino is quite an experience… we are really some of the funniest people that you can ever encounter. One of my pet projects over the last few years has been writing about some of the people I know…the really funny ones and I am currently trying to weave them into some kind of singular project…perhaps a web series that I may run on John Leguizamo's new Urbano TV website.

But today is not about me… it is about you and all those stories that you carry about different moments in your life. What I would like to do…is challenge you to write about a funny moment in your life. By the title of this post, you can tell that I have had my share of chancletasos… I tried to be a good boy, really I did. My problem was…I laughed most times when I got one… not because it did not hurt…but because I found the passion of the person administrating the chancletaso hysterical. This definitely led to more chancletasos… 🙁

Now as the sole curator of my prolific creative mind, I tried to channel that experience (how funny I thought it was) and imagine the reaction of a non Latino as they watch a Latino parent threaten a child with a chancleta and transformed that into a fictional advice column piece where "Misty" posed the question "Who is John Kletter, and why are Latino children so afraid of him? 


Read it now by clicking here

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Connecting With Latino Culture: Write A Short Story About Something Funny Like A Chancletaso