Published On: Wed, Oct 12th, 2016

What Is This Dad Doing At A #WomanInspired Event?

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The short answer is because I was raised by inspirational women and I know first hand what a woman is capable of if she has access to the resources that will allow her to reach her goals.

My passion for the work I do can be traced back to the time when I was raised between Brooklyn, New York and Bayamón, Puerto Rico. My maternal grandmother, Gloria del Rio, was the person who raised and set the foundation for who I would become. Mama, as she was known, was the matriarch in our East New York and Brownsville neighborhoods. She had emigrated from Puerto Rico as a single mom, educated herself and dedicated her life to political action community advocacy for Latinos, particularly the elderly. Having been witness to her amazing ability to build community I realized that most of her interactions began with a home-cooked meal, many times for the less fortunate.  She would eventually emerge a pillar in the community she served but the truth is… she did it the hard way.img_3286

Curiosity got the best of me after meeting Dorinda Walker & Cameka Smith (aka The Boss) at Hispanicize and they told me about the national tour they put together to share resources an inspiration for women of all walks of life. I thought, this would have been great for my girls when they were growing up and then I paused, it would still be great for them because one day they will have girls of their own and they can pass this info down. So I joined my DIME MEDIA family and took the trip down to Newark NJ and was literally blown away by the content of this event. I was not surprised at how many of my friends were present, as I pride myself on being surrounded by powerful women of color.

I realize that Mama’s story does not have to be every other women’s story. I am here to learn and share information for the women I love in my life. I want to invest in their prosperity.

The video below is really just a snippet of what was a powerful 3 hour event. Speaker Sherri Riley shares her story and tips on exponential living and why she had to “stop spending 100% of her time on 10% of who she was and expecting 100% fufillment”


I am sharing this with a strong call to action. Fathers, Husbands, Brothers… gather the girls, young ladies and women in your life, physically or virtually and have a discussion about the following three things that I know to be critical.

Talk About Goals
– What do you want to do with your life? Discuss goals, dreams and all different types of ambitions. Write them down, discuss what the steps are to realistically accomplish them. let them know they can begin working on that plan today.


An entrepreneur’s guide: Starting your dream business
Entrepreneurs and would-be business owners are almost always passionate about their careers. However, passion doesn’t translate into cold, hard cash and funds are often needed to get that dream business off the ground or to sustain it. Here are several strategies to consider – and a few pitfalls to avoid – that may help to develop and nurture your venture. #WomenInspired


Talk About MoneyTalk about your current finances (the good, bad and ugly). Discuss trends and explore ways to improve your financial outlook with a goal of abundance. Set a plan and stick to it.


Keep track of your financial history to avoid future problems
Your credit report and FICO score tell only part of the story. Do you pay your mortgage or rent on time? Are your medical bills lingering? Many people aren’t aware of where their financial history stands until they attempt to buy a home, take out a business loan or make a major purchase. Don’t let your financial history stand in the way of your future endeavors. Here are some rules of thumb. #WomenInspired


Talk About Legacy – Once you accomplish what you have set out to do. Discuss what next steps look like for your children. What investments you will make to make sure they have the resources to learn from your personal journey and succeed.


Planning for new financial challenges – no matter what age you are

No one knows what the future will bring. No matter what your age—25, 45 or 65—life can throw you a curve. Family responsibilities can grow. New life pursuits may interest you. You may live to 100 years old. Only time will tell. Learn about how to protect your family, your money and more—today and maybe 50 years from now. #WomenInspired


BONUS: For those of you with kids that will be going to college soon… here is a bonus info graphic with some helpful tips.


What Is This Dad Doing At A #WomanInspired Event?