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You Will Never Believe What Rosario Dawson Told Us When Nobody Was Watching!

1001115_10151576039334109_22538388_nThis Rosario Dawson Video Won’t Go Viral, But Really Should…

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During last year’s Feria De Salud, Actress / Activist Rosario Dawson stopped by  after wrapping a shoot for her latest film (Finally Famous) with Chris Rock with her mom (and my good friend) Isabel Celeste. She told me off camera that she was compelled to stop by because she knows first hand what it is like living with someone who has Type 2 Diabetes. She arrived immediately after Salsero Frankie Negron got off stage after an amazing rendition of Hector Lavoe’s Mi Gente (we have that video too). She took some time to meet and greet a group of very excited fans (that just happen to be Por Tu Familia committee members) and took lots of pictures.

The video that I am sharing was an impromptu chat between Rosario and our querida Rebecca Gitana about her healthy habits and what exactly it is like living with a loved one that has Type 2 Diabetes.

Immediately after the chat… she then greeted a few 1o year old girls that were curiously watching her take pictures with the staff… she invited them to some Piraguas to cool off and then she had the most beautiful conversation about reaching goals that I am sure they will never forget. I want to publicly thank Rosario Dawson for taking the time to help us raise awareness via her presence as well as her tweets supporting our cause. She is as real as they come… and we lover that way!

In our community, people we all know and love are dying at the hands of diabetes and they do not have to…especially in the Latino / Hispanic community. With the right education, they do not have to die.  Let’s get the message out… SHARE THIS VIDEO TODAY!

In NYC – Citywide, the death rate for diabetes — a blood sugar problem caused by the body’s inability to produce insulin — climbed more than 25% in the last decade. In 2011, there were 5,695 deaths per 100,000 people. [NYDailyNews]

Food for thought…

Hispanics are more likely than the general population to develop diabetes. It is estimated that 2.5 million, or 10.4 percent of Hispanic and Latino Americans aged 20 and older have diabetes. Hispanics also are more likely to have undiagnosed diabetes than non-Hispanic whites and non-Hispanic blacks. Nearly half of Hispanic children born in the year 2000 are likely to develop diabetes during their lives. Risk factors include: being overweight; having a parent, brother, or sister with diabetes; being older than age 45; having had diabetes when pregnant; and being Hispanic/Latino, Alaska Native, American Indian, African American, Asian American or Pacific Islander. [source]

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You Will Never Believe What Rosario Dawson Told Us When Nobody Was Watching!