Published On: Wed, Jul 23rd, 2008

Why I do, what I do…

Crest I wanted to take a moment today and send a warm saludos to my brothers as many of them prepare to travel this weekend to what promises to be a very great convention this year in Los Angeles California.If you are new to this blog, you may not know this but I am a brother of the oldest Latino fraternity. La Familia of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is a brotherhood composed of undergraduate, graduate, and professional men internationally, established on December 26th 1931.


Theta I pledged in the Spring of 1997 at SUNY College at Old Westbury with Jose “Pensativo” Aviles and Jose “Ambicioso” Ventura (Happy Birthday Bro) in a time where Latino Pride & Unity were at an all time high on campus. My pledge name was “El Renacido” , which means one who has been reborn, a name that was appropriate considering the long hard road I traveled to make it to college. I pledged during a time when there was no facebook, no myspace, (ok we did have Migente) and the only way you stay connected was by staying unidos. Staying connected by providing a service to the campus, bonding with your peers as you endured some of the most challengiing times of your life and making them your familia. Most importantly, emerging from campus a stronger man with stronger values and a network of strong brothers willing to lend a hand. I have been fortunate enough to stay connected to many of the people who touched my life during my undergraduate years but more specifically my brothers and the ideals of this great organization.

Unity You see…I try to live by the commitment I made in 1997 by the work I do. Most of what I do, I am able to do because of the mentoring of brothers who pledged before me that invested their time in making sure that I was equipped with what was necessary to further my personal mission which mirrors that of the fraternity. That mission is to “empower our Latino community by providing intensive social and cultural programs and activities geared toward the appreciation, promotion and preservation of the Latin American Culture”. For 10 years, I have done just that via the different media projects I have been involved with.

I may have moved way beyond the confines of campus setting in fufilling, but I am driven by the possibilities of what can happen if we can unite as a Latino nation, regardless of where we live.

I continue to be a servant to that cause.

To every brother who makes this organization the pillar it has become over the last 75 years, I thank you for all that you have done knowing well that you do not need recognition for what you do, there is a bigger reward for us all.


As I am,
George “Urban Jibaro” Torres

also known as “El Renacido”, Spring 97, Theta Chapter to my Familia.                                                                                                                     

Enjoy Convention Hermanos!

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Why I do, what I do…