Published On: Thu, Nov 22nd, 2012

Why Does The World Want Hector “Macho” Camacho To Die?

It is 5am, on Thanksgiving… I am half asleep but I have something on my mind… enough to get up this early on a holiday to blog about it.


I have often celebrated social media / social sharing as a positive medium that in my experience opens the world of great possibilities. Possibilities of being global neighbors, helping each other with resources, support causes, spread news and perform random acts of kindness. Unfortunately, like real life… there exists a dark side. The dark side ruins lives, spreads misinformation, is manipulated for entertainment and in the case of the tragic case of the Hector “Macho” Camacho is anxiously awaiting his death.

When I first found out about the shooting, that happened not far from where I once lived in Bayamon… the tag line on TMZ  (visible on Facebook) read that Macho Camacho had been killed, my heart dropped. When I clicked into the link and the actual story read that he was critically wounded, my blood was boiling. Knowing the dynamics of social media it appears that that was a baiting tactic.. My gut feeling tells me that TMZ wanted to really be the first to report it (that is what they do, good bad or indifferent). The link only had that headline for about 7 minutes and was replaced by another that said he was “critically wounded” which leads me to believe they did it to get traffic, because as we all know… everyone in the world now is a “reporter” and wants to get the scoop and will actively spread this misinformation to create buzz on their social channels. Is that really the buzz you need/want?

Because Macho’s life has always had a provocative tabloid like appeal, what we have now is a lifetime of achievement erased and reduced to social posts of people mourning a boxing legend that is still fighting for his life, a son whose mother is by his bedside praying for a miracle… we should be praying as well, especially those that claim to be fans.

This is not a regular blog post… i guess my point is when you see breaking news like this, you should really check the source (or see if it is reported by several credible sources) before you start a sharing frenzy. Do not get caught up in the race to be the “first” to report it in your circle… truth is nobody cares, and you only look foolish reporting something that is not true. The six degrees of separation may have you closer to someone affected by the news you are sharing than you think.

Let’s stop killing people on social media.

We can do better.

My prayers are with my high school buddy Marilyn Camacho and her family during this very difficult time.

Thank you Kareemah Amira for inspiring this.


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Why Does The World Want Hector “Macho” Camacho To Die?