Published On: Wed, Apr 8th, 2015

Who Is In My Yard? Super Sprowtz That’s Who…

Super Sprowtz   Eat your Superpowers


Last week I announced that I have decided to plant seeds in Brooklyn… and we started using the co-working space at The Yard, making it our headquarters. One of the exciting things about working in a co-working space with other entreprenuers is the networking. Anyone who knows me knows that I love building bridges and that requires meeting new people.

So I decided to write a few blog posts about the interesting people I meet in The Yard

So one of the first people I met after I moved in is Roger… a super cool guy who works with Super Sprowtz, a nutrition website that currently reaches one million families through  multi-media channels, live shows, permanent museum exhibit, mobile app, educational products and curriculum, and school, grocery store and hospital programs. I was excited because I was already familiar with their very cool catchphrase “Eat Your Superpowers”. They have been featured on ABC News, CBS News, Fast Company and Fox News and have even had our First Lady, Michelle Obama on the show promoting her wellness campaign.

I had discovered Super Sprowtz while doing some social media research for a client interested in engaging Latino parents in helping their kids eat healthier after my very successful #PorTuFamilia campaign. So when I met Roger… and he offered to give me a tour of the studio, I was stoked. They have really converted the space to a magical world where all kids eat healthy… and they are trying to get the rest of this world to follow suit.

Here is a cool video you can check out…

Join America’s NEWEST SUPER HEROES with celebrity guest & former White House Chef, Sam Kass, as they chop and stir in the Super Sprowtz Kitchen to make a delicious AZTEC SALSA!

Super Safe, Todd Tomato, and his friends will learn all about the healthy and super yummy ingredients in their special Aztec Salsa — and how to make it in a safe way! What to expect? Fun & instructional cooking, hilarious moments, tomato hugs and a healthy recipe to share with your family! Shields up and WATCH NOW!

Get the full recipe here to follow along!

Pop Quiz: Where did Todd Tomato first use his Super Safe shield super power? Hint: It’s full of bats!

This is more than a series of fun YouTube videos… they have curriculum to transform a non-traditional space into a learning center, they are a source of great academic research and they have lots and lots of good recipes. Everyone loves a good recipe right? This is the site that you share with other parents who love their kids and want to be proactive about leading a happy, healthier life… the keyword here is SHARE!




Check out their website here and be sure to follow them on social… on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel to help spread the word. Remember sharing is caring…

Buen Provecho…

George Torres
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Who Is In My Yard? Super Sprowtz That’s Who…