Published On: Mon, Aug 28th, 2017

Where I am…

I want to preface this post by thanking everyone who reached out, called & visited during this very difficult time.

If you are not aware, I lost my grandmother (Mama) on July 15th 2017. If you know me, you know that Mama is my hero and the inspiration behind much of my community work. My world has shifted in such a profound way.

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My grandmother’s passing has left a big void in our family, in my life but especially with my mom. My mom (who also, has health concerns) has cared for my grandmother for many years sacrificing much of her personal life to make sure her final days were comfortable. So my grandmother’s passing basically put my mom in a vulnerable position. As a result two of my dear friends from #TeamCapicu (Jennifer & Lisa) started a GoFundMe to help my mom relocate to a new apartment.

At the time I am writing this, the GoFundMe has been shared 525 times and raised a total of $3,446 dollars (goal was $5,000). If we did not take in another penny it is ok… we have taken care of the most important thing, which is the roof over her head.

image1 (5)At this time, the most critical need has been met and both my mom and I are sooo thankful for all the support you have all afforded us. If anyone else donates this will just go to get her some essentials and build an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. 

The generosity of these 73 souls has allowed us so far to find and sign a lease on a beautiful studio apartment not far from our family in Kissimmee, close to her doctors, church and friends. We have activated all of her utilities and have bought her a mattress that fits her Murphy Bed that will be good for her bad back. The purpose of this fundraiser was to give her (and I) a head start so that I can adjust to assuming the responsibility of the financial deficit to keep her comfortable long term.

I have made some shifts in my business to accomplish the following…


  • Restructure responsibilities so that I can more effectively take care of Mami
  • Be more mobile (yes, I am going to travel much more than I ever have)
  • Be more intentional about pursuing my goals / plans to move back to Puerto Rico

My business is now 100% virtual and really tapping into my nomadic spirit, allowing me to spend more time with Mami in between travel assignments.

Thank you again for giving me breathing room to get my priorities

So where am I right now…

I am writing this from a red eye to Phoenix Arizona on a trip to engage locals from Nogales, AZ and Mexico (I mean really it is really all Mexico) to hear stories of real people who are impacted by the US imposed border.

It is also a much needed unplug from the rest of my life so that I can recharge after several tragic losses in my circle. It is now time to really appreciate the life I have and make the most of the work I still have left to do.

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Thanks again… se les quiere de gratis.

Where I am…