Published On: Fri, Jun 13th, 2008

What is Sofrito For Your Soul?

Mag I am George Torres, a Nuyorican poet, cultural activist, radio personality and founder Having been born & raised between Brooklyn & Bayamon, I was reared with traditional Puerto Rican values and incorporated that with what I learned in the streets of East New York. This mixture of elements in my life earned me the nickname “Urban Jibaro” that former Young Lord and Community Leader, the late Richie Perez bestowed on me and I answer to with pride and honor.

Promoting a website (or blog) like Sofrito For Your Soul has been no easy task. I have learned a lot about branding and have actually broken some of the basic rules of marketing in the name of preserving the image of the SOFRITO FOR YOUR SOUL brand. but after so many years…I sometime struggle on how exactly to describe what we do here. So instead of doing that…I figured I would answer common questions to address some of the major misconceptions and/or confusion as to what Sofrito For your Soul actually is….

Here are some of the questions I get…

Is it a brand of Sofrito?

No, we do not produce any food products but if I did…it would be my grandmother’s (MAMA) brand of home made Sofrito and it would have to be produced only by her…because that is what makes it special :). We do however benefit from a sponsorship from MEXGROCER that actually is a great provider of many authentic products that Latinos use in their cocina to make delicious traditional dishes…(ok here is the shameless plug)…check them out at…

Buy Authentic Mexican Food at!

Are you a party promoter?

No…if the SOFRITO brand makes you think of partying, chances are you are thinking of Sonny Sofrito, a multitalented NYC urbanite that has touched almost every facet of the entertainment business and coined the phrase “I AM SOFRITO”. Currently he promotes a website ( where you can get access to some of the trendiest parties in New York City. You can also find him on MySpace at SONNY SOFRITO. For the record…although I think he is a few years younger than me, we both sport that clean shaven baldy look…so people have actually mixed us up…lol.

Are you a restaurant owner?

No…but funny enough, right out of high school I did enjoy a 7 year career as a chef working for both London Lennie’s, a great seafood restaurant in Queens NY as well as Marriott International (as Sous Chef to Merrill Lynch Headquarters Corporate Dining Division). naturally if you are thinking food…you must be thinking of SOFRITO NY a restaurant specializing in Puerto Rican cuisine created by Jimmy Rodriguez, the man behind the late, legendary Jimmy’s Bronx Café. Located at 400 E 57th St it brings the flavor of La Isla Del Encanto to the capitol of the world. The decor is very trendy and features art work from NYC artist James De La Vega.

Are you a Latino recipe website?

No…but we really want to get a great section going on the site…not only for Puerto Rican recipes, but for recipes representing each and every country in Latin America. Kind of like a universal sofrito…whether is alcapurrias , arepas, tacos or pupusa…we need to promote it, mix it all up and share our pride through our delectable “platos tipicos” regardless of where we are from.

Email us your recipes at

Are you a off broadway production?

No…but I can clearly see why people will think this. We have served as media sponsors for a major broadway show like Rick Najera’s Latinologues and countless off-broadway shows as well as have written reviews for current shows like “In The Heights” . I do serve as the media contact (via SofritoForYourSoul) for the Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase, an off off off broadway production that produces a live show that combines spoken word, visual art and live music of which I am a co-founder. Capicu Poetry is also working hard on developing community initiatives like the Pa’l Pueblo Charity event in which we raised money to benefit the children of Bushwick United Headstart with the help of Taino Spirit.

Click here to see pictures of Capicu Founder’s distributing gifts to kids in Brooklyn NY.

Are you a magazine?

This one is actually a yes and no….we are not a print magazine although we do have a concept in mind for a future project spinning off of the actual website. In an online sense…yes we are…about a year ago, in an effort to boost readership and break the wall of Latino only readers to incorporate thos non-Latinos that love our culture, I opted to change our online magazine format to Blog format. This allowed us to use RSS technology to reach more people than we ever had thanks to sites like Google, Stumble Upon, Digg and . We have even used to spin off into the first online talk radio show by and for Latinos, Radio Capicu.

OK OK OK….You Give up????…Really want to know what is Sofrito For Your Soul?

Well….by telling you everything that we are not, we have actually told you who we are.

but if you really want to know who Sofrito For Your Soul is…just click here….like NOW!!!

Do not forget to comment and let us know what you think about our site!!!!

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro
Founder of The Sofrito Dynasty
Est. 1997…Hasta Siempre.

What is Sofrito For Your Soul?