Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2013

We Are In This Together… #PorTuFamilia


I am currently sitting in New Work City, a really cool co-working space in NYC that my friend Jeff Namnum has been raving about. I am looking around the room and cannot help to be impressed by the concept of co-working and collaboration. It really reminds me of my college days at SUNY Old Westbury. Here are all kinds of entrepreneurs working together, being resources for each other and having a blast as they challenge the traditional office dynamic.

I am watching and I am thinking… that is exactly what I want to do for #PorTuFamilia, I want to challenge how we communicate info, how we distribute it and how we collaborate as individuals and groups.  The concept of “Latino Unity” is something we all claim to want… and I think that I have found 1 thing that we can all agree on. Diabetes is a threat to the Latino community and we will protect our own. So I saw no other option but to ask YOU to lend me your influence to help reach as many people as possible.

With that said… I am happy to announce that the following social platforms have pledge to help deliver the #PorTuFamilia message to the masses. Capicu Culture, Bloggers of Health, Hispanicize, Being Latino, DigiBunch, Latino Rebels, Latina Mom Bloggers, Web City Girls, LATISM, United Latino Professionals, Foxy Family, Novel Research as well as a bunch of individual bloggers and journalists (who will be named as their message are published) have  all agreed to be part of this very important campaign to raise awareness in our community. This is big… especially considering we are still about 72 hours away from the official kickoff.  I am amazed at the show of support.


You can still help… [details below]

The kickoff will be broadcast live on Radio Capicu on the Blog Talk Radio network. We will feature diabetes educators from the American Diabetes Association. We will have a live Q&A, so be sure to tune in and collaborate. The link for the show is

If you want to help, but do not know how… call me at 516-690-7397 or email me at I have a bunch of ideas and not enough time to make them all happen.

Before I forget, we launched a website that can be used to see all of the content being shared during the #PorTuFamilia campaign compiled in a daily digest. This is perfect for anyone who may not necessarily be a social media user but can benefit from the info being shared.


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We Are In This Together… #PorTuFamilia