Published On: Sat, Jan 22nd, 2011

Watch “Nuyorican Dream” For Free!

Nuyorican_120x90 Buenas…

So recently I had the opportunity of watching Nuyorican Dream via Netflix… and in my facebook andanzas… I was reminded of how interesting it was by my friend Jennifer Marie Gonzalez. I then googled it to get more info and I came across a website named Snag Films that is screening it online for free. This website believes in Filmanthrophy.

What is Filmanthrophy?

SnagFilms' Founder and Chairman Ted Leonsis coined the term "filmanthropy" to describe the power of documentary films to inspire, enlighten, and serve as agents for change.

SnagFilms is committed to promoting Filmanthropy. We tie every film in our library to a related charitable effort and make it easy to learn more and get involved.

Here is the description of Nuyorican Dream;

A gripping portrait of one Puerto Rican family living in NYC. Roberto, 29, the eldest son gay and living in Greenwich Village. Marta the family matriarch, living in Brooklyn and raising the grandchildren that have, for the most part been abandonded by their parents. Danny, 23, returning from Riker’s Island after spending yet more time in jail. Beatriz, vanishing periodically to indulg her crack cocain habit. Hip-Hop and Latin music serve as the sound track to this honest but often painful portrait of an American family.

Check out Snag Fims & this powerful documentary by visiting this site.


Watch “Nuyorican Dream” For Free!