Published On: Wed, Oct 30th, 2013

I want to be a Google Glass Explorer so that I can save lives.


When I first heard about Google Glass… I geeked out (as you would expect) as I am a fan of any technology that helps us document and promote our experiences.  I started day dreaming about all the events I can take my readers to… the conversations I would have… the human elements I encounter daily that I would be able to share. A piece of that, just a piece of that is the early adopter fever that us as geeks can get. Those that know me, know that I love smartphone tech, but I do not blog about it due to the fact that I have a ten year relationship with a major carrier that kind of prevents me from talking about it in the way I would like to.


But Google Glass is different, unprecedented tech that would compliment my current social footprint with dynamic content and my point of view, best of all… I would be able to blog about it all the time. I have suppressed my yearning for Google Glass because I thought I would see what the chosen few would do with it once they got it and I would learn best practices.

Then something changed. I started the #PorTuFamilia conversation about diabetes on Twitter and THAT became a game changer. As you can see in the reporting screenshot below, we had a 30 day conversation with over 800 influencers all over the world and sparked a user generated content campaign that would reach over 2 million people and generate 10 million impressions to promote a local event for the American Diabetes Association’s Feria De Salud. I knew then that this conversation needs more than just tweets, instagram photos and even a podcast to really get traction. This conversation needs to see what I see daily, listen to my conversations and document ways that we can all live healthier lives… it needs Google Glass.


Can YOU imagine what Google Glass can do in terms of the quality of content we can push out thru Google+, YouTube and Google Hangouts (as well as Twitter and Facebook) to really have a major impact on how we deliver on the mission of preventive healthcare? This is bigger than Diabetes… this can set the tone for community efforts that can improve health in our communities that need it most. 

I will not give up… it is just a question of “WHEN”?

But every day that goes by I just think about the impact we can have today if I can host virtual shopping trips with experts like Joe Olivo, that can help us shop healthier on a tight budget. I wonder what we can do if I can share a Por Tu Familia committee member meeting with thousands of my readers / listeners via hangout and get feedback on how to enhance my programs. I wish that I can sit down with leading doctors that work with our community and have the conversation that some people are scared to have and share that with everyone willing to learn how to prevent or live a longer life under the threat of diabetes. The possibilities are endless.

I am already saving the $1500 necessary to bring this dream to fruition!



How can you help?

Not sure if you can… maybe you can share this post and someone who can will see it.

I have applied to an opportunity with a great tech blogger (and friend @Eva_Smith) to be one of the 3 people she picks for this opportunity to get Google Glass before it goes to market. I have watched how she uses Google Glass and everytime she posts… I think of new ways I can use this in the work I am trying to do. I actually tried an early incarnation of this project using a Looxie camera that did not work out quite as I expected it would, but it was a fun experiment.

I am hoping that she…or someone else reading this knows somebody (at Google) that can help this dream come true and help me save lives in a way we have never seen before.

Que Dices?



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I want to be a Google Glass Explorer so that I can save lives.