Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2014

DJ Flow joins La Mega 97.9 in NYC!


I want to congratulate DJ Flow but first, I must thank him.

7 years ago, I hired my friend and #Phiota brother Eddie aka DJ Flow to spin music at my Twin’s 13th birthday party. This was to officially usher them in to the wonderful world of being TEENS. My wife Tina’s concept was to create a real NY Nightlife Experience for them and my job was to get an official Club DJ. I designed club style flyers, and together we created the NYC velvet rope experience complete with bouncers (The twin’s Uncles Jason, Tre and myself)… the kids even had to show ID to get in (the ID’s were created and mailed with their invites, personalized with every kids picture and name)… it was the best party ever… kids had a ball.  I think my wife and I got the best gift that night, we saw our son inspired in a way we’ve never seen.


That night was a catalyst for my son Thomas. The whole night he was torn between dancing (he is a great dancer that kid) and watching Eddie spin. He was mesmerized by the control DJ Flow had over the room. He kept walking over and asking questions about the equipment and how it worked. Everything changed when Thomas asked if he could transition a record and scratch (my son hears a lot of old school hip hop in our house). DJ Flow was a champ about it and let him take control over the room for a few minutes. It was at that very moment that DJ Tommy Tunez was born, Flow had ignited passion in my young teenage son. Over the years, he has DJ’d many parties for our family (and fraternity) and even some of our Capicu College shows but what I most appreciate about him is that he always set an example for Thomas, took time to help him understand where to invest his money as far as equipment goes and always provided him with resources. As DJ Flow’s career grew, so did my son’s admiration for him as well as his passion to continue to pursue music as a career.  Thanks in part to Eddie’s mentorship and inspiration, today my son is  a sophomore attending 5 Towns College and is studying Music Production.

Eddie is a hard worker, a great professional and just the livest DJ you will ever have come do your party… and just a few days ago it was announced that he would be joining the #1 Latino station in NYC… LA MEGA 97.9. 

I say all that to say that on behalf of my family, Sofrito Media Group, Capicu Culture and all the club heads out there, I would like to congratulate Eddie aka DJ Flow on the new phase of his career playing for SBS Entertainment conglomerate. I thank him for his friendship and his amazing work ethic… as my fraternity brother Jorge Santos said earlier today ” it is great to see hard work pay off”  

I look forward to seeing DJ Tommy Tunez follow his footsteps in Music.



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Stay “TUNED” for more from my son Thomas…


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DJ Flow joins La Mega 97.9 in NYC!