Published On: Sun, Sep 27th, 2009

Is this Viva Viernes or Sunday Sofrito? It’s both…kind of…

Fridays are generally my busiest day of the week…remember I do work in several worlds…one of them being the social cultural circle. With that said you can find me anywhere in NYC attending film screenings, art exhibits and open mics. Now being the avid tweeter (or Twittero) that I am, I have built a great network of movers and shakers in the business of doing business. Poets, personal coaches, writers, political pundits, artists, web designers, magazine editors, radio personalities, musicians and everything else in between feed me information, share stories and inspire me in small doses everyday using the popular 140 characters or less format.

When I woke up this morning I said to myself, 140 characters is not enough to express myself and I believe that. So in the spirit of Viva Viernes, I will dedicate this post to some special people on Twitter that keep me going on a daily basis…

I appreciate you all but today I will highlight just 5…

Buen Provecho…

As I am,

George Torres

The Urban Jibaro


Here are some of the people in my twitterverse and what they add to my world.

@MamitaMala – One of my first friends on Twitter, This Latina inspires me with her voice and her radical spirit. I know what inspires her because we both shared the same mentor. We are both different but share the same love for our people and our self determination as Latinos, we have just chosen different places to grow that ideal. She is the editor for an amazing blog called Vivir Latino that highlights political life for Latinos in the US.

@Hissip – One of my favorite people on Twitter, not because of what she tweets about (some real juicy stuff by the way) but because she is "social". You would be surprised on how many people in Social Media are not social… not @Hissip, she takes the time to share, build relationships and give "link carino" to other blogs with interesting things to say.She has of my favorite blogs to dip into when I have some downtime. Just to find out what is going on with a few celebrities I follow. Check it out, it is called Hissip!

@GoPalo – My official #Latism DJ, hype man and incredibly talented producer of an Afro Cuban Funk band based in Miami called PALO! In addition to his musical talents, @gopalo has some very great ideas when it comes to social media and building connections and that is evident in his tweets everyday. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity (or creating one) to see them perform in NYC

@elprofe316 - Really happy to see this guy make it to Twitter. This poet has made a significant contributions via Acentos, one of the cultural poetic staples of Latino Poetry in NYC. He know uses social media to further promote the art form via Literati Boricua The Profe's Guide To Poetics, Politics And Papafritas.


Last but not least… @julito77 mastermind behind the Viva Viernes phenomenon, publisher and part of a family twitter legace that he shares with talented brother @fernadovarela and @papijulio (yes his dad…isn't that cool?) That family dynamic has their own cornerstone on the internet called V5, LLC Exceed your expectations and check them out at

So there you have it, can you see how many tweets it could have taken me to say all that about these people…follow them and stay tuned for my next set of 5 influential tweeters next week.

Is this Viva Viernes or Sunday Sofrito? It’s both…kind of…