Published On: Fri, May 8th, 2015

Virtual Roundtable To Talk About Online Bridge Building In The Boricua Community

Puerto_rican__mediaLots of movement in the Puerto Rican community as we get ready for the summer. As you know we recently announced that our Capicu School of Poetic Arts (La SoPA) has decided to partner with Loisaida Arts Center to bring our innovative arts program to a more central location in NYC.

Loisaida Fest and The Puerto Rican Day Parade are just around the corner but those are established institutions in the NYC Boricua Community. Let’s talk about  what’s new…

I am honored to have received an invite to join some really cool Boricuas to have a conversation about where we are, what we are saying and what is next for us to really build a stronger community that addresses key issues both here and on the island.

Here is everything you need to know about this conversation and how you can be part of this historical event.

Puerto Ricans in Social Media

Puerto Ricans in Social Media: the New Barrio is the first panel of its nature hosted by Center for Puerto Rican studies at Hunter College. The panel will explore the ways in which people who identify as Puerto Rican communicate online in an increasingly dispersed world. It will feature seasoned social media experts of Puerto Rican descent to comment on the new Puerto Rican barrio—the Internet. The main objective is to take a look at where the Puerto Ricans are in social media, how we are using diverse online platforms to create social communities, as well as Puerto Rican identities and social consciousness. This conference will be a culmination of Centro’s preliminary explorations into the world of Puerto Rican communities in the Internet Age and a starting point to more conversations around the issues that truly matter to our dispersed communities online and offline.

Message from Edwin Melendez, Director at Center for Puerto Rican Studies

We are delighted to host this panel exploring the ways in which Puerto Ricans are creating bridges, community, and culture on and through social media. This discussion fits perfectly with the work we are doing at Centro to understand, preserve and share the US Puerto Rican experience. When you look at the numbers and at the strong migratory wave, this exchange just makes sense. Social media has made available the creation of connections that were not possible in previous waves of migration. We have to explore this new space. I see this also as a great opportunity to bridge the gap between academia and wider audiences. The Internet has really transformed the creation and spread of knowledge, and it behooves educational institutions to get with the program and truly adapt to these changes.


Puerto Ricans in Social Media: the New Barrio

May 12, 2015  6:00 – 8:00 PM
Panel Discussion and Twitter Party Schedule:

6:00-6:45       Panel discussion and twitter party kickoff

6:45-7:30       Q&A led by bloggers

7:30-8:00       Twitter party highlights and open discussion

Preluding this event, Centro has been exploring the where, why, and how of Puerto Rican communities thought conversations on our social media outlets: Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #boricuasonline.


Julio Varela Julio Ricardo Varela @julito77
Digital Media Director at Futuro Media Group, an independent nonprofit news organization led by award-winning journalist María Hinojosa. He is also the founder of Latino Rebels.comone of the top U.S. Latino sites in the world.
George Torres George Torres @urbanjibaro
Social media/cultural consultant and creator of Sofrito Media Group. Creator of the online blog Sofrito for your Soul and co-creator at Radio Capicu and Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase, a partnership that develops and produces live cultural events in New York City.
Nuria Net Nuria Net @nuriapuntonet
Social Storytelling Editor and founding editor at Fusion, the digital and TV network launched by Univision and ABC News. She also co-founded the pioneering English-language startup in 2006. Billboard Magazine named her one of ‘30 Under 30 People in Music and Entertainment’. She is based in Miami, Fl.
Lynn Ponder Lynn Ponder @webcitygirls
Founder of the social media platform Web City Girls and the interactive online talk show “Behind the Pink Wig”. Awarded LATISM Top Blogueras 2013/2014, LATISM Best Latina Micro-Blogger in 2013 and recognized by Hispanicize 2015 with Tecla Awards as Best Latina on Twitter and best Entertainment Blogger. She is based in Miami, FL.
Lejuan James Lejuan James @lejuan_james
Considered the #1 Hispanic Viner, LejuanJames has made a name for himself as a social media sensation. The Orlando based actor and comedian started creating Vine content about everyday life experiences with his family that brought him a massive following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube around the world and countless television and commercial appearances.



Attend:     Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Hunter College at Lexington Ave. & 68th St. NYC
Conference Room E1442

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Chat:           Participate in the #BoricuasOnline Twitter Party

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Virtual Roundtable To Talk About Online Bridge Building In The Boricua Community