Published On: Tue, Aug 26th, 2008

Vacation is over…Radio Capicu is back.


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This week..What is happenning in your Barrio? Daddy Yankee endorses John McCain, Live report from the Democratic Convention by Meagan “La Mala” Ortiz, Capicu Teen Night, Ricky Martin has twins?, Special guest Mamarazzi, Chunky Chula (You Tube), new music,  live spoken word and whatever else is on your mind!


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Mi Gente…

I know that some of you have been wondering what happenned to Radio Capicu, the first live Latino talk show on the web…so I will let you know that we are about to kick off an exciting new season of broadcasts with a much wider range of content than we have in the past.

The first major announcement is something we hinted at before closing out our last broadcast, La Chica Que Pica, our sometimes guest host will be joining the show as a regular co-host as soon as she gets back from her trip to London. (if you a regular listener, you already know why she is going across the pond).

The second announcement is that that our producer “THE GUY” has agreed to stay on the show on the condition that I will be segregated from the sound board to prevent future “technical difficulties” that I have been (unfairly) accused of causing…lol.

The final announcement is that we have all agreed to turn the show over to you, our audience realizing that without you there is no “Radio Capicu” and we want to be the voice of the people…so send us your show ideas and topics to

We appreciate your support as we have enjoyed very interesting journey as we learn how to effectively open dialogue about the things you want to talk about…so stay tuned ’cause we have just begun!

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As I am,

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Vacation is over…Radio Capicu is back.