Published On: Thu, Jan 8th, 2009

Urban Latino Magazine is more than just a “Tesoro On The Web”

Ulbanner2Ever wonder what an Urban Jibaro like me reads when he wants to see what is going on with the movement of our culture across the states? I read Urban Latino Magazine (ULM)…for those of you that do not know, ULM was founded at a time when nobody was really marketing to English Speaking Latinos (or any Latino’s for that matter) in this country. It started as a newsletter at New York University and has become the #1 source where movers and shakers in the Urban Latino culture (like me…) get their news from. In addition to putting together the most relevant magazine for the lifestyle I lead…they have been on the forefront of bringing their pages to life by way of community events that encompass everything that they are about.

They are so much more than a Tesoro On The Web….they are a tesoro to the Latino Community from coast to coast. Big shout out to Jorge Cano Moreno & Rodrigo Salazar for being an inspiration to me and others like me looking to reconnect Latinos with their heritage.

I cannot forget my girl Loca La Boca…on Urban Latino Radio…love you girl!!!

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As the first lifestyle and cultural publication geared to bicultural Latinos, Urban Latino has earned its rightful place: we are the premier magazine for both male and female Latinos in the United States.

Since 1994, we have been exploring the contemporary lives of a new generation that is embarking on its own distinct journey.

Poised to be the largest market in the new millennium, Latinos will forge ahead, delineating our path, setting our own goals, creating our own agenda, and interpreting and living out distinct and intertwined lives.

We are on the cusp of a new culture forged from the vastness of Latin American heritage and the richness of contemporary U.S. society.

Join the culture, the movement, the magazine.

Mission Statement

The focus of Urban Latino is the Latino experience in this country, viewing all sides of our story. Our writers and contributors are individuals who have lived and experienced this diverse culture. Through their essays, columns, illustrations, and photos, we showcase the achievements of our community.

Founders: Jorge E. Cano-Moreno, Rodrigo Salazar

Partners: Joe Bernard, Jorge E. Cano-Moreno, Rodrigo Salazar, Richard Zuluaga

Editorial Contributors: Alma Abreu, Maribel Aguilar, Anthony Andrade, Melissa Aguilera, Javier Figueroa Avila, Paola Baquero, Luz Maria Castellanos, Amanda Cruz, Eva Diaz, Meiver De La Cruz, Timmhotep Aku, Marcela Landres, Ed Morales, Juan Morales, Celia San Miguel, Wasim Muklashy, Carlos Vasquez, Sofia Quintero, Andy Weiss, Mar Yvette, Michelle Waleck

Art Contributors: Chris Cortes, James De La Vega, D. Douglas, Jose Galvez, John Guerrero, Cel Garay, Jorge Guiterrez, Daniel Hastings, Howard Huang, Erick Ledesma, Vanessa Lopez, Patricia Quintero

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Urban Latino Magazine is more than just a “Tesoro On The Web”