Published On: Wed, Feb 11th, 2009

Urban Jibaro’s Poetry: Solid As A Rock

Note: I have been digging some posts from the old site before the data loss…I found this post on my old Blogger account…so I want to share it with you…


I wrote this piece on January,
20th, 1998 during my time at SUNY Old Westbury. It is dedicated to one
of the most special people I have ever met in my lifetime…Alexandra
Mane. Alex and I ran the new student experience dorm (named after
Martin Luther King Jr.) alone during a time when we were understaffed.
The challenges we encountered individually and collectively that year
inspired many writings…but none as special as this piece.

still remember many of our talks and our commitments to overcome the challenges we faced…and based on where we both are today…I can honestly say we

I miss you!

As I am,
George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Solid As A Rock

She is
Solid as a rock
She stands proudly
Like a sculptors raw material waiting to be shaped
her destiny has yet to unfold but destined for greatness

She is Solida
Solid as a rock…
stood strong in the storm of spring 96 alongside 3 of her peers,
struggling for excellence as they took womanhood to another level.

Solid as a rock…
Not like the type that gets cast to destroy
The kind that serves as a foundation
One that builds
She stands on a pedestal founded by her strong ancestry
Passed from generation to generation

Solid as a rock…
Solid as in strength and courage

I know she would let me rest on her shoulders if troubled waters should overcome me
She would not let me drown

She is…
Solid as a rock…
And a monument to her family, friends, heritage and those she chose to bond with in Hermandad.
She has stayed strong although many have tried to chisel her to rubble, so that they can walk over her and celebrate her demise
But there is no chisel strong enough
She stills stands strong

Solida as a rock…
And she is only getting stronger.

George "Urban Jibaro" Torres
© All Rights Reserved
1998-2009 Sofrito For Your Soul Media

Urban Jibaro’s Poetry: Solid As A Rock