Published On: Mon, Jul 4th, 2011

Urban Jibaro Is Leaving NYC…

ObedLamentoSorry folks…packing my bags…

I love NYC and have extensively covered the cultural scene here for over 14 years. At times I would talk about stuff out of state but I never really focused outside of what I know. I have great ties to some Latinos in Chicago, Cali and Florida…and recently  we have had an influx of Latinos from all over that connect with us via Facebook. That is not even mentioning all of our Latinos serving us in our Military branches… to whom we owe everything to as they sacrifice their lives to blanket us with Freedom.

As I talk to more and more people via twitter and facebook, I am starting to feel like there is so much more out there so… I have decided today on JULY 4th… that I would start a virtual tour of sorts and start researching Latino life and really connecting with people from all over. So for the next 50 days, I will run down the list of states in alphabetical order, connect with some of the Latino leadership in each of these States (and our Federal District), and of course sharing all my findings with you. No worries… we are not planning to stop covering stuff in NYC, I just want to add more to the mix…

I am interested in finding and connecting with cultural collectives, poetry houses, museums, restaurants, small businesses, entreprenuers, local artists, authors, poets, singers, civil servants, educational facilities, publications, internet/terrestrial radio stations, community based organizations, event promoters and our military family that is often away from home…. anyone one who demonstrates on a daily basis how much they love our culture.

I am going to need help… so where ever you are… I need you to give me tips on places and things to cover. I mean, who knows your barrio better than you?

You can send me tips the following ways…

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I dedicate this series to my father Jorge Luis Torres and every Latino that has ever worn a military uniform and has embraced personal sacrifice for the USA.



George Torres

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Urban Jibaro Is Leaving NYC…