Published On: Fri, May 9th, 2008

Urban Jibaro: Check me out on Facebook!

First of all I want to thank all of you who took the time to send me birthday wishes this past week…it is appreciated. As many of you already know, we celebrated my birthday at Capicu Poetry with some of my friends and an amazing show. I do not want to steal the excitement of the traditional Capicu Recap…but the line up included Cindy Sugarush…the hardest working Latina in comedy…que me tenia me’ao de la risa…

I am not saying anything else about that night except for it was an great time with great friends…stay tuned for the recap.

I am actually posting because many of you have asked me where I have been…and that question confused me…then my friend Ana said…”Chico you have not answered any of my bulletins or messages…” and then it hit me…My friends were talking about my virtual absence on MySpace. Now I have been absent from my “Sofrito” MySpace Page for about 2 months now after sufferring from what’s been labeled as MySpace Fatigue and simutaneously discovering the exciting networking tools that Facebook has to offer.

So I started a facebook page that highlights my personal profile and started the Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase page alongside my partner in crime Papo Swiggity. The first few weeks I started spending a considerable amount of time…testing features, adapting my privacy controls, searching to see how many of my business contacts are actually on Facebook…and then it happenned…I get an email from (one of my favorite sites)…Facebook just released a Mobile interface that will allow me to be on Facebook all day long. Now if you know me and you know how much of a geek I am on the low…you would have already guessed that I have officially named Facebook my favorite social media site at this time. I especially like the fact that this time around, I am connected with people that are more in line with me personally and professionally thanks to Facebook method of connecting people via networks…and the best part….minimal spam (ps…i just ignore the pesky applications).

Will I abandon MySpace altogether?…probably not, MySpace has helped me grow my marketing campaigns and network with some dynamic people and although I think MySpace is slowly imploding, I will ride it out. If you are a hradcore facebook fan like I am…catch me on Facebook and request to be part of my network of upcoming, progessive Latinos on the web.

Los vemos alla…

As I am,
George Torres
The “Facebook” Jibaro

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Urban Jibaro: Check me out on Facebook!