Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2008

Unsung Souls: Isabel Garcia

Mi Gente…

On behalf of Sofrito For Your Soul, I am proud to present Ms. Isabel Garcia (Ms New York Plus America 2008) as the January 2008 Unsung Soul recipient. Ms. Garcia is truly a role model for full figured women trying to break the mold of what society percieves as beauty. As an ambassador to this cause, she is able to raise awareness about real issues affecting women in communities worldwide.

Here is her story…

Ms. Garcia is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn. Her professional experience includes working in a non-profit serving youth and low-income families and special education. She is currently working toward a degree in special education. .

As Ms. Plus New York she has chosen domestic violence as her platform because of her personal and compelling story of survival and the prevalence of the problem worldwide. When she was 23 years old her boyfriend shot her in the face with a .38 magnum handgun during an argument and left her to die. Prior to this incident he repeatedly abused her. Fortunately, as she recovered from her physical injuries she also gained the emotional strength to tell her story. As part of a universal ministry she has traveled around the world telling her story of survival to hundreds of women in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Cuba and Israel.

Her motto, “be proud of who you are,” is something she communicates to audiences of women: “No matter if you are a size 2 or 20 we are all beautiful and you need to love yourself first then everything else will fall into place.” Her message to battered women is “Stay strong and don’t dismiss your dreams. To be without dreams is to be without hope. To be without hope is to be without purpose.”

Isabel is also an enthusiastic supporter and promoter of the One in Three© campaign. She is helping to spread the word about the important work the organization is doing globally to raise awareness of violence against women and the trauma women suffer when domestic violence is part of their lives.She is also the international spokes person for voices love music tour for victims of Abuse.1 Voice 2gether..Helping Others Find their “Beautiful Wonder ” within To Break the Silence!

You can contact her for bookings via MySpace

Ms New York Plus America 2008’s Calendar

Jan 12 2008 12:00P
John Perrys Model Club Fashion Show @ Queens NY
Jan 12 2008 6:00P
Curvesity and Phat City Ent.Step to the Mic “Feat.Khari” @ @ KB’s 140 Club
Jan 18 2008 9:00A
E-Zones Domestic Violence Me and Khari @ Brooklyn
Jan 18 2008 5:30P
Michael Shane Bridal Show @ Brooklyn
Jan 26 2008 3:00P
Plus Size Academy Openhouse. @ New York
Feb 8 2008 9:00A
Real Women Real Curves Calendar Photo Shoot @ Louisville Kentucky
Feb 9 2008 9:00A
Real Women Real Curves Calendar Photo Shoot @ Louisville Kentucky
Feb 10 2008 9:00A
Real Women Real Curves Calendar Photo Shoot @ Louisville Kentucky

Unsung Souls: Isabel Garcia