Published On: Sat, May 25th, 2019

Unhustling My Life

I got some ‘splaining to do…

Disclaimer: I am a proud member of the Jetblue Inflight Crew, However, this blog post is not sponsored by Jetblue and all opinions are my own.

So what does one do when they aspire to (finish writing) a book, build a farm, spend time with loved ones and it seems like meetings, events and the day to day hustle of running an agency in NYC gets in the way?

You can double down on your passion on connecting with people in more meaningful ways, travel more often and yeah, get a job as an inflight crew member on your favorite airline. (wait whuuuut?)

OK, let me just rewind and let you know what my goals were for 2019

My three words for 2019 were, Audit, Align and Amplify... so I did just that. I audited and realized I had too many things, I got rid of them. I figured out that my business overhead was out of control so I eliminated it, I realized I wanted to be around friends / family so I made time and then I left NYC to go to Orlando to training for like 5 weeks. During that time, I stepped back from social media to really redesign what my life would look like once my career here would “take off”.

Now I know when I left corporate America… I said I would never work another “job” again and I 10X’d on my desire to be an entrepreneur and had some amazing success building my brand.

I guess you can tell, I am all in.

Because when you make a major shift like that, you end spending a lot of time hustling, the lines of work / play get very blurred and it becomes very difficult to spend quality time with some of the people you meet along the way. I do give myself credit for being intentional in connecting as often as humanly possible but at the end of the day… the hustle dictates how much time I have to do that effectively.

So I decided to “UnHustle” a bit… and get healthier and my friend and acting buddy Nereida, mentioned in passing that my favorite airline was hiring and I just applied… last July. As time when on, I started imagining how my life would change, how I could focus on the book and potentially move back to Puerto Rico.

The best thing about this new career choice is that it requires a certain level of customer service that my previous work experience is perfect for. I can bring the best of my skills acquired being in management at Marriott, Kinkos (Fed Ex Office), Office Max, T-Mobile and owning my own business and be successful. but in many ways this is not the same, I do not feel like this is work but only because I joined a company I really love – the culture, the people and their values are so much aligned with who I am. All of that and I get to travel the world and work at my own pace.

My decision was based on a few factors, mostly the desire to connect in a more meaningful way with amazing souls I have met thru my career. In many cases they have stayed committed to remaining connected, I want to step up my reciprocity. I was also inspired by a trip I took to Ecuador when the new airport in Quito was inaugurated, I had the chance to experience a new country and its culture in a way I never have as an adult. When I came back, I dreamed about going to many places, but work always kept me from making it happen.

I want my work, my interactions and the effects of my community building to be long term, I told you guys the last few years that I would be focused on legacy and this is part of that. This is self care for me… in my life.

So what does that life look like today?

Because I am on “reserve” as a new inflight crew member and payin’ dues, I hardly ever know where I am going for days at a time until the day of. It means I pack a jacket and a bathing suit, it means I meal prep to stay healthy, it means I use hotel gyms more than ever, it means I have time to write, it means I get to carefully pick my speaking engagements and I use downtime consulting, blogging and building passive revenue streams

(Check out Shop Socially NYC).

Eventually, I will become a line holder and will be able to pick the trips I want and this will allow me to move to Puerto Rico and commute to NYC or Boston for work. This is all working towards a bigger purpose… building legacy.

Most importantly, I am happier than I have been in the last 5 years.

So some of what I am doing is shifting but the real shift is I am doing more of what I love… and doing it with a different back drop daily. I could be doing this a year… I can decide to do this for 10 years… nobody knows.

I am grateful for everyone taking the ride with me.

Those interested in working with me, should certainly reach out… you never know if what you have in mind fits into one of my new adventures.

Think I am crazy? let me know in the comments.

Oh before you leave…

Last but not least… I wanted you to know that Mama would always say to me…

“Papi, all you need is Love & Sofrito”

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Unhustling My Life