Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2012

TV ALERT: Mark Viera’s Tales Of A Nuyorican Premieres On Showtime!

Shout out to one of our hometown comedians from The Nuyorican Poets Cafe who will be taking NUYORICANS to a national stage tonight when his LAFFMOB special TALES OF A NUYORICAN premieres tonight on SHOWTIME.

Show Mark some support and use the social media panels on the side of this page to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell their cousins… you know what I mean…?

You dont understand? I mean share, tweet, like, poke, pin it, instagram it, myspace it or send to your friends on Tagg, Friendster, Migente and Blackplanet! Esto es en serio…

Buen provecho mi gente…

The Urban Jibaro.


Who is Mark Viera?

Bronx native Mark Viera became fascinated with comedy, the art he would one day master, very
early on.

While his mom spent countless hours as a social worker to provide for her family, Mark and his
older brother would pass the time after school watching the popular T-V shows of the 70’s and
80’s. Mark became so engaged in the performances of his favorite comic personalities, it didn’t
take long before he began to emulate the characters he came to love. On any given night, he
would entertain his family with his remarkably accurate portrayals from shows like Carol Burnett,
Sanford and Son and Three’s Company.

Today Mark has honed his talent to craft his own unique, creative style of comedy. His
performances reflect his lighthearted, fun-loving approach to entertaining, and his uncanny knack for seeing humor in even the most ordinary situations. His manner is so real and engaging, just about everyone can relate to his experiences. Whether he’s talking about his beloved grandparents, doing one of his dead-on impressions or just talking about his life growing up in the Bronx, Mark takes his audience on a hilarious, heartfelt journey, finding enjoyment in the absurdities of life!

Mark is loyal to his New York roots, performing regularly at top comedy clubs throughout the city,
while also headlining at Colleges and Universities across the U.S. Recently, he’s secured a
coveted role as a featured comic on the critically acclaimed “Martin Lawrence Presents 1st
Amendment Stand Up”. Mark’s also taken aim at the “small screen” with a network television
debut on NBC’s Emmy Award winning show “30 Rock”.

Mark’s reputation as a comic trailblazer earned him the opportunity of a lifetime; a leading
position with the hottest, most recognized and highly sought after comedy group in the U.S. The
Latin Prince is a member of the “Top Dogs of Comedy”, rounding out a company of notable
performers that includes Capone, Rob Stapleton, Corey Holcomb, and Wil Sylvince.

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TV ALERT: Mark Viera’s Tales Of A Nuyorican Premieres On Showtime!